Toplane Sarajevo to start heating on September 22

Toplane Sarajevo to start heating on September 22

If the average daily temperature of the outside air is 12 degrees or lower after September 20th, Toplane Sarajevo will start heating residential and business units on September 22.

Toplane Sarajevo d.o. is a public utility company in Cantonal. They note that the upcoming heating season for this and next year is ready for the start of the upcoming heating season.

According to the Regulation on general conditions for the production, delivery and use of thermal energy, plants and installations of KJKP Toplane-Sarajevo d.o, we inform users of central heating that all facilities for the production and distribution of thermal energy are ready for operation. The o. should be ready for September 20 of the current year.

As far as Toplane-Sarajevo is concerned, citizens have no reason to worry about the upcoming heating season.

They said that we will do everything in our power to make sure the users of central heating are satisfied with the service we provide them and that the season 2022 2023 makes it as successful as possible. Many of our citizens are worried about how they will heat their homes and those who heat with pellets.

The export ban measures imposed by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH did not produce adequate results, and the prices of pellets are constantly increasing.

The current price of pellets on the market of BiH is between 700 BAM and 750 BAM per ton. The large increase in demand is due to the fear that there could be additional price increases or shortages.

Many who were waiting for a possible price reduction decided to get pellets at the current prices.

Demand for Drvosjeca has increased significantly this month, according to the company.

Demand is lower than last year, but if we compare the current situation with the previous months, demand in this month is significantly higher, according to the company Drvosjeca.

They said that there could be an increase in the prices of this energy when the export bans are lifted for another ten days.

As long as the ban on exports lasts, prices will certainly rise, but if the ban is lifted, prices will certainly rise and no one can predict what level they will reach, according to company Drvosjeca.

As they state, that won't be a problem either, as much as the amount of pellets could be a problem.

There are sufficient capacities to cover the market of BiH, but if the export ban is lifted due to the huge demand on the foreign pellet market, it won't be possible, according to the company Drvosjeca.