Toyota recalls 2,700 electric vehicles worldwide

Toyota recalls 2,700 electric vehicles worldwide

Toyota is recalling 2,700 of its electric crossover vehicles due to wheel bolts that could become loose, causing the wheel to come off.

It is seen as a blow to the Japanese automaker's efforts to roll out electric cars.

The recall involves the automaker's bZ 4 X crossover, which went on sale two months ago.

Toyota is investigating the cause of the problem.

The remedy is available, but no one should drive these vehicles until the remedy is available, the company said.

According to the global recall, 2,200 were destined for Europe, 270 for North America, 112 for Japan and 60 for the rest of Asia.

Between March and June, the cars involved were produced.

Toyota is planning to have 30 EV models by the year 2030, with sales of 3.5 million electric vehicles worldwide.

With the rising price of gasoline and concerns about inflation and the war in Ukraine, demand for electric cars is expected to grow.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.