Traffic jams on roads in Pakistan are a nuisance, say locals

Traffic jams on roads in Pakistan are a nuisance, say locals

Islamabad - Pakistan January 15 ANI Increased vehicular traffic and congestion on roads due to the lack of a proper transport system is becoming a nuisance in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, as people are stranded for hours during peak hours.

Traffic jams have become a daily nuisance, and nobody wants to see Islamabad's beautification being stuck in traffic, he said. Akram Shah, a resident, said that the city's rush hours have extended manifold.

Shah also criticized local transport conductors and said their behaviour and attitude was discourteous.

I once travelled from the Aapbara market to Faizabad. The van conductor not only misbehaved with me but also forced me to sit in an already full and congested van, he added.

Women, children and the elderly are left at the mercy of the unaccommodating local transport in the capital.

The women are mostly offered the front seat with the driver and people are stuffed like chickens, which is unethical and deplorable, complained a frequent traveller.

A young girl recalls an incident when a conductor misguided her to get on board when she intended to go in the opposite direction.

I was sitting right next to the driver, and he repeatedly touched my body while shifting the gear lever. I tried to move away, but due to congestion and other passengers along with me, I could not help but remain silent," another girl said on the condition of anonymity, reported The Express Tribune.

Many people pointed out that most of the transport is not user friendly for differently-abled people.