Travelers at DC airport reflect on flight cancellations, rising costs

Travelers at DC airport reflect on flight cancellations, rising costs

Travelers at an airport outside Washington, D.C. shared how flight cancellations and delays have impacted their trust in the airlines and how rising costs have affected travel plans.

Sophia, from New Jersey, said I don't think I'm going to be flying a crazy amount in the future. She said that long-term issues are caused by flight disturbances and high travel costs.

Sophia said that there are problems with the airports at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. I think it is going to happen a lot and more often as prices rise and the environment becomes more difficult to deal with. He said he still trusts airlines because flight disturbances aren't typical.

Brentwood told Fox News that they just think they have to work through whatever they are going through.

He said they're short-staffed. They are working hard to get everything done. More than 3,400 flights with a U.S. destination or departure had been delayed, while more than 600 had been canceled as of late Wednesday afternoon, according to FlightAware.

I arrived at LaGuardia Airport in New York at 6 o clock to find out that my 8 o clock flight was canceled, among many other people whose flights were canceled, Sophia said.

She said her connecting flight would delay her arrival to 9 o clock that night.

One woman said she doesn't have a choice but to trust the airlines since she lives in Hawaii.

She said it was 50 - 50 good and bad.

Some travelers said they trusted the airlines to get them to their destinations, but they were worried about delays.

I trusted them to get my stuff to the right place, and get me to the right place, even with the delays, said Miya, from Virginia. They worked with us, and we had no problems or very little problems, even with the delays. Miya continued to complain about delays and it was more just the frustration of the delays.

After his original flight changed, Brentwood added a five-hour layover to his trip.

He said that I'm okay with it as long as I get to where I want to go.

Domestic airfare rose by 47% since January 2022, according to Adobe Analytics.

Mariah, from Virginia, said that you have to save your money for a longer period of time if you want to go somewhere and budget it in more. Average gas prices have broken records in the past 2022, surpassing $5.00 per gallon in June. The national average dropped to $4.86 per gallon Wednesday. Amari, from Washington, D.C. said if you drive a long distance, you're basically going to be paying the same amount as you do for a plane ticket.

The flight is it for a better economical value, according to Priscilla.