Trump has 'unfinished business,' Kellyanne Conway says

Trump has 'unfinished business,' Kellyanne Conway says

Kellyanne Conway, the former senior counselor to President Donald Trump, said the 45th president would certainly like to run for office again on Mornings with Maria Thursday, noting he has unfinished business with inflation, border security and Putin in Russia.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: He'd like to run for president again, I speak with him frequently, and he certainly would like to because he knows there's unfinished business. He sees what he could have done in the second term versus all the unravelling of the great policies. And that's the second track here, isn't it? He's within the majority of all the polls, Republicans, independents and a growing number of Democrats and Biden voters, Maria, who say enough is enough. The inflation, immigration, border insecurity, Putin in Russia, Iran staring at Israel, no respect for manufacturing, for trade deals and enforcing them and making them work.

I think that Donald Trump was great for the job creator, the job seeker, and the job holder, which is the majority of American households who, unlike when our grandfathers had a job, people are saying I have a job, but it's no longer enough. We have two jobs in the household. When did it become enough? I think whoever runs, Donald Trump will go first and if he does or doesn't. Whoever runs needs to run as an America-first candidate to reclaim those policies.