Two Reuters reporters wounded in Donbass

Two Reuters reporters wounded in Donbass

A driver was killed and two Reuters reporters injured, an RT correspondent says.

Two Reuters reporters were wounded and a driver was killed as their car came under fire near the embattled town of Severodonetsk in the Donbass on Friday, according to RT s Igor Zhdanov.

Zhdanov said he was in the car right behind the vehicle in which the Reuters crew was traveling. The convoy was hit by fire as it was about to enter the town. The RT correspondent said the crew of the Reuters were wounded while their driver was killed.

The driver died on the spot. The journalists were hospitalized, he wrote on his Telegram account. We were targeted. They had waited for us to drive on a road that had previously been shelled, and only then began the shelling, using a drone to adjust the fire. Both of our vehicles were civilians. Zhdanov himself and a local producer who was traveling with him were unharmed. There have been no comments from Reuters so far.

The Russian and Donbass forces continued their offensive against the Ukrainian army, and heavy fighting was reported in and around Severodonetsk. Sergey Gayday, a Kiev-appointed official, said on Thursday that most of the city had been wrestled away from Ukrainian control.

He said Donbass fighters had seized the majority of the residential areas, while Ukrainian artillery was shelling the town.