U.N. Human Rights warns of human rights catastrophe in Myanmar

U.N. Human Rights warns of human rights catastrophe in Myanmar

Aug. 23 Reuters - The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Myanmar warned on Thursday about a human rights catastrophe under military rule in Myanmar and urged the international community to do more to prevent conflict from worsening

The regional consequences are terrible and tragic the national consequences could also be profound, Michelle Bachelet said in a statement.

The international community must redouble its efforts to restore democracy and prevent further conflict before it is too late. Since military occupation of Myanmar has been on Feb. 1, every year a civil society government in Myanmar has ended a decade of tentative democracy and was prompting an outrage at home and abroad at the return of military rule.

More than 1,120 people have been arrested since the coup, according to the United Nations, many during a nationwide crackdown by security forces on protests and strikes, during which thousands have been killed.

Armed resistance forces have formed in various regions which clashed with the military, prompting many thousands to flee, including in recent days to the neighboring India. Bachelet said troops used weapons against civilians that were intended for military conflict and carried out indiscriminate airstrikes and artillery barrages Local media in Myanmar reported deadly violence in at least five different regions and states on Thursday, which included the use of home-made bombs by militias allied with a shadow government, which earlier this month called for a people's defensive war against the junta.

The military has called those terrorists whose campaign will fail.

Western countries have condemned the junta and imposed targeted sanctions, but critics say a tougher stand must be taken, including an arms embargo.

Bachelet said Myanmar had failed to deliver on its agreement with ASEAN to cease violence and begin dialogue.

This underscores the need for strong accountability measures. It also runs in the face of commitments made to ASEAN leaders, she said.