U.S. embassy staff evacuated as Taliban enter Afghanistan


WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 - U.S. Secretary of State Ashraf Ghani said on Sunday that embassy staff in Kabul were leaving the facility and moving to the airport as Taliban insurgents entered the Afghan capital and an official said President Antony Blinken had left for Tajikistan.

U.S. diplomats were been flown by helicopters to the city airport, where U.S. troops are ferried in to provide security amid an exodus of Americans and their local allies and other foreigners in face of militants' lightening advance.

Sources told Reuters that most U.S. staff would be evacuated from Kabul in the coming day or two.

We're working to make sure that our personnel are safe and secure. We're relocating the men and women of our embassy to a location at the airport, Blinken said.

More U.S. forces had been sent in to get U.S. officials out of the country in a safe and orderly fashion while maintaining a core diplomatic presence, Blinken noted.