UK-based quantum software firm launches platform to generate encryption keys

UK-based quantum software firm launches platform to generate encryption keys

Dec 7, Reuters -- Cambridge Quantum Computer Software firm said on Tuesday it was launching a platform that can generate super secure cryptographic keys and sell them as a commercial product.

The UK-based startup was a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantinuum, a quantum computer hardware and software company with a 54% stake in Honeywell International Inc.

The head of cybersecurity Duncan Jones said in an interview with Reuters that Cambridge Quantum uses the quantum computer to generate a particularly random encryption key.

He said that quantum computers can generate a more random encryption key than classical computers, which makes them more secure and less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cambridge Quantum said it would focus on its Quantum Origin service to financial services firms and cybersecurity firms before expanding it to other high priority sectors, such as telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, defense and government.

Ilyas Khan, CEO of Quantinuum and the founder of Cambridge Quantum said in a statement that they had been working on a method to use the unique features of quantum computers for a number of years to provide customers with a defense against adversaries and criminals.

Quantum Origin gives us the ability to be safe from the most sophisticated and powerful threats today, as well as threats from quantum computers in the future. Quantum computers are based on qubits, which can be set to one and zero at the same time, creating exponentially more paths than classical computers whose bits are either ones or zeros. Researchers believe that quantum computers could operate millions of times faster than today s advanced supercomputers.