Ukraine's Zelenskyy warns Russia’s invasion was just the beginning

Ukraine's Zelenskyy warns Russia’s invasion was just the beginning

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that Russia's invasion of his homeland was only the beginning and the Kremlin wanted to invade other countries, in a video address late Friday.

In a message on his Telegram channel, Zelenskyy said that nations who wanted to remain neutral were making the riskiest bet, because they will lose everything. Petro Andriushchenko, an adviser to the besieged southern city mayor, said his comments came before what appeared to be another mass grave discovered in the village of Vynohradne near Mariupol.

Satellite images from the U.S. defense contractor Maxar appeared to show what the firm described as several long, parallel trenches that will likely become new gravesites. The trenches are approximately 131 feet long, the company said, beginning to appear in late March. Russian officials didn't immediately make a statement on the allegations.

Moscow's attempts to capture Mariupol have been slowed by Ukrainian resistance, according to an intelligence briefing from the U.K. defense ministry on Saturday. It said Ukrainian counterattacks prevented its forces from making any major gains in the last 24 hours.

Russia has not made major gains in the last 24 hours due to Ukrainian counterattacks, according to the U.K. defense ministry. Russia s ability to gain control over either domain has been reduced by Ukraine s defense of air and sea, the ministry said in a Saturday morning update. Their resistance has slowed Russian attempts to capture the battered port city of Mariupol, the ministry said. Despite their stated conquest of Mariupol, heavy fighting continues to take place frustrating Russian attempts to capture the city, slowing their desired progress in the Donbas, the ministry stated. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed success over Mariupol, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy insists that Russia does not control the city. Defense officials, military leaders from more than 20 countries to convene for Ukraine defense talks The Pentagon says that U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will convene a meeting next week in Germany of defense officials and military leaders from more than 20 countries to discuss Ukraine's immediate and long-term defense needs. The Pentagon press secretary, John Kirby, said on Friday that around 40 nations, including NATO members, were invited and that responses are still arriving for the session to be held Tuesday at Ramstein Air Base. He did not identify the nations that have agreed to attend, but said more details will be provided in the coming days. Russia prepares for what is likely to be a major offensive in eastern Ukraine as Russia gears up for what is expected to be a major offensive. Kirby said that the agenda will include an updated assessment of the Ukraine battlefield as well as a discussion of efforts to continue a steady flow of weapons and other military aid. He said it would include consultations on Ukraine's post-war defense needs but is not expected to consider changes in the U.S. military posture in Europe. Russia says 1 dead, 27 missing, nearly 400 rescued after a ship sinking. Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that one serviceman died, 27 more were missing and 396 were rescued after a fire on the Moskva flagship missile cruiser. The statement came a week after the vessel sank. The ministry said the entire crew of the ship, which was presumed by the media to be about 500 people, had been rescued. The ministry did not offer an explanation for the contradicting reports. Ukraine said it hit the cruiser with a missile strike.