Ukraine says Russian shelling hits nuclear site

Ukraine says Russian shelling hits nuclear site

Ukraine said on Sunday that renewed Russian shelling had damaged three radiation sensors and hurt a worker at the Zaporizhzhia power plant, in the second hit in consecutive days on Europe's largest nuclear facility.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Saturday night's shelling Russian nuclear terror that warranted more international sanctions, this time on Moscow's nuclear sector. On Friday, Kyiv said Russia hit a power line at the plant.

The Russian-installed authority of the area said Ukraine hit the site with a multiple rocket launcher, damaging administrative buildings and an area near a storage facility.

Reuters could not verify either side's version.

The events at the site of Zaporizhzhia have alarmed the world.

It underscores the very real risk of a nuclear disaster, says Rafael Mariano Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

A deal to unblock Ukraine's food exports and ease global shortages gathered pace as another four vessels sailed out of Ukrainian Black Sea ports while the first cargo vessel since Russia's February 24 invasion docked.

The four outgoing ships had almost 170,000 tons of corn and other food. They were sailing under a deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkey to try to help ease the soaring global food prices that have resulted from the war.

Before Moscow's February 24 invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a special military operation, Russia and Ukraine together accounted for nearly a third of global wheat exports. Since then the disruption has threatened famine in some parts of the world.

Putin's troops are trying to gain full control over the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow separatists seized territory in 2014 after the Kremlin annexed Crimea to the south.

Ukraine's military said on Sunday Russian forces increased their attacks north and northwest of Donetsk city in the Donbas. Russians attacked Ukrainian positions near the heavily fortified settlements of Piski and Avdiivka, as well as shelling other locations in the Donetsk region, it said.