Ukrainian artillery unit uses laser technology

Ukrainian artillery unit uses laser technology

Junior Sgt. sailed through the sight attached to an anti-tank gun camouflaged in netting and green underbrush. Dmytro Pysanka is greeted with a kaleidoscope of numbers and lines that should give him the calculations needed to fire at approaching Russian forces, if read correctly.

In the chaos of battle, errors are common. The commanders of Sgt were to negate them. Pysanka's artillery unit in southern Ukraine secured a high-tech range finder supplied by the West over a month ago, which uses laser technology to measure distances.

But there is an issue: Nobody knows how to use it.

Sergeant Pysanka said it was like getting an iPhone 13 and only being able to make phone calls.

More than 100 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Western weapons arrived at the Ukrainian front lines, with more promised. Following a pledge from the United States a few days ago, Britain said it would send a sophisticated multi-launch rocket system.