Unique Network raises $11.2 million in public sale

Unique Network raises $11.2 million in public sale

Unique Network, the NFT chain built for Polkadot and Kusama, raised more than $11.2 million from 7,900 supporters in their public sale. The sale of token required the completion of a KYC process in advance to be eligible for participation in the sale. The sale was launched on January 12th and ended on January 13th.

Non-fungible NFTs are transforming industries from art to gaming to real estate and more. The success of NFTs this year is due to the combination of value and increased utility with increased application of the technology. Protocols like Unique Network are positioning themselves in the center of the NFT action. Unique Network is an innovation team of experts who provide users and organizations with a technologically advanced ecosystem for NFT development and distribution. It has a good reputation in the market with investors from some of the biggest players in the space.

UNQ is a utility and governance token for the Unique Protocol. It will be used as an exchange of value between users of Unique Network features. The Unique Network ecosystem grows as the UNQ token is used to allow payment for transactions and staking. Unique will provide more advanced, scalable infrastructure as the token utility evolves.

Unique Network is a trusted middleware provider, which provides the infrastructure that will allow all types of NFT projects to realize their potential. Users of Unique Network advanced features can operate their own marketplaces, smart contracts and NFT interoperability on Substrate with various structures of ownership.

We are overwhelmed by the support of our community. Nearly 8000 community members participated in the raise. This shows the belief in advanced NFT tools and tech we are building. It is an affirmation of the fact that we are ready to do a lot more with NFTs that are beyond collectibles as an industry.

The team at Unique Network is committed to providing the next-generation NFT technology that will allow the developer community to create the foundations needed to get involved in the world of NFTs.