US chip manufacturing has been delayed

US chip manufacturing has been delayed

How long does it take to build a cutting-edge, globally competitive chip manufacturing base? The discouraging answer is: A lot longer than you might think for the United States, which is trying to reverse its long slide in global chip production.

Even if recent attempts to create a handful of world-class chip plants on American soil eventually bear fruit, that won't resolve wider questions about the country's leadership in other parts of the chip industry.

The political foot-dragging in Washington over legislation that would give up to US $52 billion in subsidies to new chip plants and support for research and development is a cause of the latest cloud over US chip manufacturing.

Pat Gelsinger, the Intel chief executive, expressed his frustration over the delay. He warned that Intel might have to hold back construction of an advanced US $20 billion chip fabrication plant in Ohio if Congress acts before the summer recess.