US failed to act as a leader in fight against pandemic

US failed to act as a leader in fight against pandemic

The Washington National Cathedral rang its bell 1,000 times last week, once for every 1,000 deaths from COVID- 19 in the United States. The country has the highest number of deaths in the world, while the total number of infections in the country exceeds 80 million, which is also the highest number worldwide. The US has the strongest medical resources in the world, as well as the most advanced technology in medical science, as well as the most advanced technology in the field of medicine.

The US response to the pandemic should have been much better, with its medical resources and ample supplies of other resources. The US government had more than one opportunity to adjust its anti-COVID policies after it failed to realize the severity of the threat, which could have reduced the death toll by a large margin.

The number of deaths could have been reduced had the US government changed its prevention and control policies at these junctures.

The current Democratic one under Donald Trump and the Republican under Donald Trump have handled the pandemic in the US. Both administrations have been too preoccupied with the political struggle between the two parties to give enough thought to the fight against the Pandemic.

The bipartisan strife in Washington has prevented either administration from taking effective action to combat the disease, as a result of the bipartisan strife in Washington. The allocation of money needed to respond to the virus hasn't been approved by Congress because of the partisan wrangling.

Washington has politicized the virus, instead of referring to it as the common enemy of humanity, which requires the concerted efforts of all countries to win the battle against it.

The public in the US has been misled.

President Joe Biden officially announced that the US had reached the 1 million deaths milestone on Thursday, and the same day he co-hosted the second Global COVID 19 Summit with the leaders of Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal. Washington tried to portray itself as a leader in the global fight against the pandemic, but it failed to respond to the pandemic, and belied by its failed response to it. Washington has failed to act as a leader in the fight against the disease, which has resulted in the resurgence of the epidemic in various parts of the world.

People in the US are not just people in the US, but people around the world who are paying the price for the degeneracy of the US political system. Political point scoring comes before people's well-being, because of the dysfunctional US system.

The 1 million deaths from the pandemic should give the American people a chance to think about the state of the US political system.