US investment in Ukraine well worth it, says analyst

US investment in Ukraine well worth it, says analyst

According to Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane, the investment the United States has made in Ukraine is well worth it, telling Cavuto: Coast to Coast that Ukraine is destroying the Russian army and reducing the risk of a nuclear war.

JACK KEANE: The American people's support to continue to help Ukraine is about 66%. It is pretty solid, but there are people in Congress, some Republicans who have always expressed concern about spending money in Ukraine. We have a $6 trillion budget and it is larger than that by a few hundred billion. We have invested $66 billion in Ukraine this year and that is like 1.1% of the budget. What are we getting for that investment? We have Putin, whom we had dismissed for years and were not taking seriously despite Georgia in 2008, despite Crimea and eastern Ukraine in 2014. He is a declining power, his economy is in a tank, he's a one-commodity economy, and we had a tendency not to take him seriously.

F OFF Yet all this time, all he has been talking about is that Ukraine is a part of Russia, and I'm going to make it a part of Russia. President Xi says the same thing about Taiwan. And that is the important part of his plan to bring back the former Soviet republics that are now in NATO, and that includes Poland, a lesser degree Romania. We dismissed all of that, but I believe Putin has never given up on that. So for $66 billion, what we're getting is that Ukraine is doing the fighting, they're literally destroying the Russian army on the battlefield, which would set them back for years and deny them the ability to ever achieve any of his ambitions in terms of taking back some Soviet republics. If that happens, that would mean war between NATO and Russia.