US military investigating whether US service member was behind attack on base in Syria

US military investigating whether US service member was behind attack on base in Syria

The U.S. military has launched an investigation into whether an American service member was behind an attack on a small U.S. base in eastern Syria in April that wounded four troops, according to a statement from the Army.

The investigation was announced Monday by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Army Criminal Investigation Division.

The joint investigation is being conducted by Air Force OSI and Army CID. A possible suspect, a U.S. service member, has been identified as a possible suspect, the Army CID said in a statement to NBC News.

These are just allegations, all suspects are presumed innocent unless convicted in a court of law. The investigation is ongoing and may not have enough evidence to identify a perpetrator and have enough evidence to ensure a conviction in a court of law. No charges have been filed. CNN was the first to report on the investigation.

The military said two rocket or mortar rounds hit the Green Village base in eastern Syria in April. Four U.S. troops were treated for minor wounds and possible traumatic brain injuries in the attack.

The military said the attack was not caused by indirect fire but that explosives had been placed inside the base.

Iranian backed militias have been accused of carrying out rocket attacks on or near bases where U.S. troops are stationed in Iraq and Syria.

The U.S. has several hundred troops in eastern Syria as part of its effort to counter the Islamic State terrorist group.

The Army CID said no further information on the investigation into the U.S. service member will be released at this time.