Vibranium software to dominate cyber security market

Vibranium software to dominate cyber security market

Ahmedabad Gujarat India January 19 ANI PNN PassMark Software, based in Australia, is a global leader in software and hardware performance benchmarking and testing for quality and functionality.

The fact that the first Indian brand, VIBRANIUM, is ranked No 1 among the nine other cyber security software across the globe is a great pride for the Indian brand. During a press conference held at Hotel Pride in Ahmedabad on this occasion, the company's founder, Sanjay Patolia, briefed the media on Vibranium and provided satisfactory answers to their questions.

Vibranium Alltech Pvt Ltd has a lot of experience in the field of cyber security and was the first company in the world to release highly effective anti-malware software to combat ransomware. Cyber-attacks are a major issue in India and all over the world. Data security has become a major concern with India's growing population of internet users. Vibranium protects your data by detecting it before it attacks a computer that is infected with malware or ransomware.

The problem is that there is no guarantee that your data will be returned to you even if you pay a ransom. Vibranium will dominate the cyber security market in the coming years, because of its cutting-edge features.

On this occasion, the company also announced a new Vibranium Beyond Security product, called Vibranium Beyond Security, which includes Data Abuse Prevention System DAPS Blue Dome Technology and Data Rollback for End-users, which will provide full data protection against current and future ransom attacks and cyber theft. For nearly a decade, the company has worked with highly trained cyber security professionals to produce this software and give real-time data protection. This software will revolutionise cyber security and will be available at a reasonable price. The mission of the company is to provide services to every citizen of India via made in India cyber security software and to contribute to the excellent work of Make in India.