Vitalik Buterin asks Ethereum if they want to dominate in 2035

Vitalik Buterin asks Ethereum if they want to dominate in 2035

Vitalik Buterin asked the ETH community which currency they want to dominate in 2035, if it isn't Ethereum, in an unexpected Twitter poll.

Cardano's ADA was in the lead at one point, with 42% of the votes. It has eight hours remaining at the time of writing before the poll closes, and it is all changed, and a somewhat predictable result is taking shape.

Buterin was described as uncanny and mystifying by Wired in 2016, a time whenEthereum was beginning to gain traction as a worthyBitcoin rival.

To this day, Buterin often divides opinion. Not so much for his skill as a programmer, but more so his peculiarities within a social context.

Michael Perklin, head of security at Ledger Labs, who has known Buterin for ten years, commented on this nonconformist laissez-faire approach to life by recounting an instance of seeing him:

Any true aficionado of Japanese pop culture knows that Keroppi is where it is. Doraemon, to a lesser extent, is for the legitimate oddballs out there.

Buterin asked Twitter for some of the most unhinged criticisms of him at the same time as posting the poll. He included tweets that he had seen about his weight, likeness to an alien, Bond villain, and school shooter to start the ball rolling.

Perhaps a poll on the succeeding ether isn't that unusual, given his sharp sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself.

When asked which currency should monopolize in a hypothetical future scenario if it isn't Ethereum, Buterin posted two polls.

The first gave voters the choice of BTC, USD, SOL, and ADA. BTC is currently leading with 45% of half a million votes. SOL comes in at the third place with 14%, while USD is only 7% of the votes.

The second poll features less popular choices, in market cap and to a Western audience, in TRON, BNB, CNY, and NEO. The second poll received fewer votes at 213,000 at the time of writing.

TRON leads the second poll with 43% of the votes, followed by BNB, which takes 33%. NEO comes third with 18%, and CNY comes in third with 6%.

While Twitter polls are not rigorous, the one constant in both polls is fiat currencies coming in dead last.