VVDN launches 5 G Testing Lab in India

VVDN launches 5 G Testing Lab in India

Gurugram Haryana India January 20 ANI PRNewswire VVDN Technologies, a leading end-to- end product engineering and manufacturing company, today announced the introduction of a new 5 G Testing Lab for 5 G ORAN Based RU Devices in India.

VVDN's 5 G lab is intended to enable technology providers, such as telecom device manufacturers, system integrators, as well as Telcos, to do protocol and validation testing for Open RAN ORAN Radio Conformance Testing RCT and IOT Inter-operability testing in a real 5 G radio environment.

Open RAN is touted for its potential to provide vendor diversity, network flexibility and lower cost. Its future success is not in doubt, but its adoption timing is a concern for ORAN technology service providers.

A quick way to check their radio devices performance and conformance to a wireless network consists of multi-vendor systems is what device manufacturers need to do. VVDN's 5 G Testing Services offerings will help customers transition to 5 G ORAN by looking at how Radio solutions behave in a fully interoperable, technology-neutral network. A detailed insight on the Radio Device performance will help in accelerating the time to market for the ORAN solutions.

Nitin Jain, Vice President Sales, VVDN Technologies said that VVDN has deep commitments in the 5 G space. I am pleased that VVDN's state of the art 5 G Testing Lab is opening doors to many technology partners who are looking for their 5 G ORAN based solution launch. He said that our investment in setting up a state-of-the-art 5 G Testing Lab is critical to our 5 G strategy, where we have committed ourselves to enable the 5 G eco-system. Today we help customers with their Radio Unit design, development and manufacturing, but they also help with the much needed interoperability, compliance and interface testing solutions. VVDN is looking forward to working with a wide range of global telecom device manufacturers, system integrators, telcos, and other players to help them with 5 G Testing. For more information on 5 G Testing Labs please contact marketing vvdntech.in

VVDN is a Product Engineering Manufacturing company that specializes in designing end-to- end products across multiple technology vertical markets 5 G, Data Center, Vision, Networking and Wi-Fi, IoT, Cloud Apps VVDN's India HQ is located in San Jose, CA, USA. VVDN serves customers in a number of regions, including Japan, Canada, India, Vietnam, Korea, and US.

VVDN has 10 advanced Product Engineering Centers in India, which are fully equipped to test the complete hardware software required to develop a complete product or solution. VVDN's 5 manufacturing facilities are located in Manesar, Gurgaon, India, which includes in-house best-in-class SMT Factory, Molding Tooling Factory, Die Casting, Product Assembly Factory, and Product Certifications labs. VVDN's Engineering Manufacturing facilities are fully complied with the mission to produce Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive-grade products.

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