Walgreens to give $1,250 to pharmacists

Walgreens to give $1,250 to pharmacists

Reuters - Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc will give a one-time bonus of $1,250 to its full-time pharmacists and $1,000 to part time pharmacists, the drugstore chain said on Friday as major retailers try to retain people amid intense labor shortage.

The company said certified or to-be certified pharmacy technicians who are responsible for administering flu and COVID - 19 vaccines will be given $1,000 reward throughout a six-month retention period.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a nationwide labor shortage that led to corporate raises of wages and incentives to employees ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Walgreens, CVS and other drug retailers who plan to offer booster COVID - 19 vaccines are also likely to see more traffic between November and January, increasing the need to retain workers to meet this demand.

The company has said that it would raise the minimum wage for its staff to $15 an hour starting October 30, last month. U.S. retailers and restaurant companies, such as Walmart and Chipotle Mexican Grill, have also raised hourly wages for employees.

The company said it was also providing $200 to myWalgreens cash to any employee who gets fully vaccinated against COVID 19 by Nov. 30.

Walgreens said a majority of the staff have received their COVID - 19 vaccinations and it was mandatory for the support office staff to be vaccinated or be enrolled in a regular testing program to comply with government regulations.