Whatshup enables business to create digital storefronts on WhatsApp

Whatshup enables business to create digital storefronts on WhatsApp

The launch of the WhatsApp-based commerce platform Gupshup has made it possible for any business to create a digital storefront on WhatsApp. In 2022 the firm hopes to create WhatsApp-based storefronts for thousands of businesses.

Gupshup is the most advanced, comprehensive, and easy-to-use conversational commerce platform, said Gaurav Kachchawa, Chief Product Officer, Gupshup.

He said that our goal is to enable every business, large and small, to get started with commerce through WhatsApp quickly and easily, as well as to realize the full potential of this capability to transform their business.

The company said that businesses can enable conversational journeys across the entire buying process, including pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase.

The solution is based on WhatsApp's recently launched commerce capability. A business can create a product catalogue on WhatsApp, converse with customers via AI-powered chatbots for product discovery, guide them through checkout and payment, and support them 24 x 7 with chatbots and live agents.

The catalogue allows businesses to showcase their offering through structured experience with images and organized product details.

Customers can add preferred items to their carts on WhatsApp, interact with businesses in real-time, and make payment through Gupshup's 1 Click-Bill Pay link, all without leaving the chat window.

According to Gupshup, WhatsApp is the ideal conversational commerce platform for businesses because of the 2 billion active monthly users spread across 180 countries. More than 175 million people message a WhatsApp business account every day across the globe.

As many as 68 per cent of users have stated that WhatsApp is the easiest way to contact a business. 71 per cent feel more confident about a business after messaging on WhatsApp.