Why Xebia is the most powerful company in the world

Why Xebia is the most powerful company in the world

New Delhi India January 24, ANI Mediawire In conversation with Anand Sahay, CEO and Cofounder, Xebia.

Tell us about Xebia and your global presence.

Xebia https: xebia.com is a global Full Stack Software Engineering, IT Strategy, and Digital Consulting company that enables digital transformation of enterprises using the latest technology and methodologies. Over the years, we have organically built our domain knowledge across industries and used full stack engineering expertise to help fortune companies digitize, and we have acquired best-in-field companies to inorganically enhance our expertise. It's not a matter of fact whether or not it is expertise in low code consulting implementation through Appcino. The StackState site is a company.com or to drive relationship based observability solution. We have covered all aspects of your Digital Transformation journey.

Xebia has strong presence in USA Canada, Netherlands Germany Belgium, Switzerland Nordics, Poland UK, Middle East South Africa, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

How is the global IT industry doing well? The Digital Enterprise: With most enterprises now capitalizing on the opportunity presented by a permanently remote workforce, the call to digitalize inescapable has been made by the fact that work from home has made the call for the enterprise to be more digital. Gartner predicts that there will be a 16% CAGR for digital transformation services by the year 2025, leading to a market size of US $2.7 trillion.

AI is at the forefront: As businesses go digital, automation, intelligent automation, and Artificial intelligence.

Intelligence has developed as a major contributor to enabling a massively distributed enterprise.

Its operations are distributed across the world.

IT services for 24 x 7 operations : As Enterprises go digital and operations go global, IT services need to go together with operations and business vision, making traditional fee-for-service and managed services models nearly obsolete, as outcome-based and result-oriented models become increasingly sought after.

With people and data from all over the world accessing enterprise systems and data round the clock, from different networks, different devices, different types of connections, and using a variety of toolset, the term perimeter defense has become almost irrelevant.

Compliance beyond regulations: With digital enterprises, global operations, and commoditized data, the current regulations for PII, Data Protection, Privacy, and Information Security have gone from barely meeting the needs to inadequate. Here, enterprises and regulators need to look at the implications of compliance, standards, and regulations.

Flexibility and Agility: As business cases for technology adoption, transformation and innovation are explored, businesses will increasingly feel the need for their IT Service partners to step up to fulfill roles in areas such as Agile development, DevOps, DevSecOps and Continuous-Integration andContinuous Development CI CD Elaborate on your collaboration with Microsoft.

Shared by Runki Goswami, CMO, Xebia

We believe in empowering the industry at large. We are pleased to join Microsoft for this unique initiative of a blog-a-thon contest. Microsoft wants to give people the chance to express their thoughts and ideas, and to bring them to the forefront.

The blogathon is a technical blogging contest for students, IT Professionals and Professional Developers. The goal of this initiative is to educate developers to learn new technologies and write technical blogs with demos and code samples, while building on the Xebia and Azure platform. The content and solutions that are built will help other developers in the world to scale in building solutions on Azure and Xebia.

The blog-a-thon will start on February 2, 2022 and will last until February 27th, 2022. It will allow participants to share solutions on real time issues and get involved with actionable change. The blogs will be judged by the Xebia -- Microsoft jury and winners will be given global visibility to showcase their perspectives and win prizes along with Azure credits and mentoring sessions by Xebia and Microsoft subject matter experts.

This initiative will not only allow the students to showcase their skills, but also give them the chance to get exposure for future career endeavors. The seasoned professionals, developers, and leaders will have their tech strategy heard in the right way.

Writing is a good way to show off your knowledge and share your learnings with others as well.

Registration is open until January 27, 2022 for the blog-a-thon.

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