Wipro asks its employees to work from office three days a week

Wipro asks its employees to work from office three days a week

The IT giant Wipro has asked its employees to report to its office three days a week, and has told its Indian employees that the campuses will be open for four days a week starting October 10. The IT major said that those in leadership positions will have to work out of offices three times a week, as per an internal email to employees.

According to this email, Wipro s India offices will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from October 10 and will not be open on Wednesdays. This is in line with what Wipro chairman Rishad Premji told Business Today in an exclusive conversation at Davos earlier this year. Premji said that a lot of people want to come back and have that sense of connectedness and a social equation in the office. They want to build a sense of community around them. He talked about the benefits of flexibility at work. People with disabilities, people living in small towns, and people with disabilities are some people who might want to have flexibility.

Premji said that we could come up with a model where x percentage of our people can work from home, on full-time and maybe come in for a few days a month. But for the majority of people we want to push to get to some sort of hybrid model and we will discover what that is. Wipro is not the only company to call its employees back to office. Mumbai-based IT bellwether Tata Consultancy Services TCS also asked its employees to work from office for at least three days a week, according to the roster set by their managers earlier this month. It advised them to contact their managers, even though it didn't give a deadline for return to office. The email said that you must contact your managers to understand the arrangements made for the projects with regard to return to office.