World Cup squads to be selected for 2022

World Cup squads to be selected for 2022

MOISES CASTILLO AP Teams will be able to select up to 26 players for this year's World Cup after FIFA increased the maximum squad limit by three on Thursday.

FIFA said the change was due to the unusual timing of the tournament and the impact of COVID 19 on squads. The showpiece event in Qatar will run from Nov 21 -- Dec 18 onwards.

The number of players to be included in the final list has been increased to at least 23 and a maximum of 26 according to a statement.

No more than 26 people up to 15 substitutes and 11 team officials will be allowed to sit on the team bench. People gather around the official countdown clock, showing the remaining time until the kickoff of the World Cup 2022World Cup 2022, in Doha, Qatar, on November 25, 2021. DARKO BANDIC FILE AP UEFA took a similar decision last year, allowing players to pick three extra players for the European Championship due to the Pandemic.

The International Football Association Board has given a thumbs up to the use of five substitutions in matches, which was initially introduced as a tweak to the rules because of COVID 19.