Would you use Amazon if it was run by AOC?

Would you use Amazon if it was run by AOC?

FoX Business' Marvin Wolfe, during his latest Take on Varney Co. argued socialists are trying to destroy innovators like Amazon.

I will make a judgment that Amazon is a brilliant company. It has revolutionized the retail market, led the way with the cloud and plays a prominent role in space. And its founder Jeff Bezos is exceptionally wealthy. In short, it is rich, powerful and big.

The earth is therefore under attack. Her wealth tax is aimed squarely at him. On a competing network, Sen. Warren explained how she will confiscate his money, simply because he has too much of it.

AOC hates him so much that she stopped Amazon building a campus in New York City that would have brought 20,000 high paid jobs. That's called about shaving off your nose and making an inappropriate face.

Now unions joined the attack. In April of this year, 71% of workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama rejected unionization. The Biden team didn't like that. A member of the NLRB hearing board wishes to nullify the vote. And there could be another vote. They want union in, regardless of the wishes of workers, or the impact on the company.

Also, here we have a corporate crown jewel subject to legal and political harassment at the very highest level.

The aim is to punish its founder with snide comments about pay his fair share. To stop it using capital to revive other industries. To stop its expanding because it is just too big and that's not fair.

Would you use Amazon if it was run by Sen. Warren or AOC?