Yon urges stringent enforcement of sanctions against North Korea

Yon urges stringent enforcement of sanctions against North Korea

Mr. Yoon called for more stringent enforcement of sanctions against North Korea during the campaign. He is expected to meet with President Biden in S eoul on May 21 to discuss how to deal with Mr. Kim's growing military threat.

In North Korea's last missile test on April 16, state media reports said that Mr. Kim had overseen the launch of a new tactical guided weapon to improve its efficiency in the operation of tactical nukes. Mr. Kim promised to expand his nuclear arsenal at the fastest possible speed during a nighttime military parade last month. He stated that he was adopting a more aggressive nuclear doctrine, declaring that his nuclear weapons were not only a war deterrent, but could also be used if any forces tried to violate the fundamental interests of our state. Kim has pledged to double down on his nuclear and missile development programs after his diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump collapsed without an agreement in 2019. He also resumed testing a variety of new missiles, some of which were short-range solid-fuel ballistic missiles that experts said were designed to deliver conventional and nuclear warheads to South Korea and Japan as well as to U.S. military bases in the region.

North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in March, its first long-range ballistic missile test since 2017.