FOREX-Dollar rises on hawkish Fed speakers, kiwi on track for weekly gain
... at 112.29 after it rose nearly 1% overnight, and was away from a low of 110.05 earlier in the week. The U.S. nonfarm payrolls report will be released later on Friday, with economists forecasting 250,000 jobs to have been added last month, compared to 315,000 in August. The kiwi rose 0.04% to $0.5657 and was on track for its first weekly gain since August, having seen some support from a similarly hawkish Reserve Bank of New Zealand after it lifted its official cash rate by 50 basis points on Wednesday,...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Toyota unit Hino Motors considers action against executives over engine data scandal
... but that it was true that the company was considering the matter and plans to bring it up at a board meeting on Friday. It didn't elaborate. Hino has been badly hit by the scandal in which it admitted falsified data on engines going back as far as 2003, at least a decade earlier than originally indicated. More than five times the figure was initially revealed, about 640,000 vehicles have been affected. In 2001, Hino became a Toyota subsidiary and nearly all Hino presidents have previously worked for Toyota .
Updated: 10/07/2022
Brazil accelerates aid payments to the poor ahead of elections
... Brasil will send payments of $600 $120 to over 20 million families between October 11 and 25 and also provide a gas voucher for over 5.5 million Brazilian families. The financial aid was scheduled to be distributed the following week, from October 18 to 31. Auxilio Brasil program was launched under President Jair Bolsonaro 's presidency, and the right-wing leader has campaigned for a second term in part on promises to continue paying the monthly benefit. He will face da Silva in the run-off vote on ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Easter Island moai charred by fire
... island - which is 3,500 km 2,175 miles off the west coast of Chile - had been razed by flames since Monday. Rapa Nui has more than 1,000 stone statues and giant heads that have been believed to have been carved by the island's original inhabitants in the 13th century. The area around Rano Raraku, a Unesco world heritage site, was the most affected. An estimated several hundred moai are found in the area, as well as in the quarry where the stone is used to carve sculptures. Ariki Tepano , director of the ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter postponed by judge
... to in April. A Twitter representative didn't respond immediately to a request for comment. Musk could not be reached for comment. Musk made a statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, which is contingent on the completion of $13 billion in debt financing and that the trial is adjourned. The transaction was planned to close at $54.20 per share, and Twitter responded by simply stating that it was its intention to close it at $54.20 per share. In July, Musk sued to have the ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Asda offers 60s of soup, hot drinks for pensioners
... 557,000 meals served since its launch in late June. Asda continues to support older customers as they continue to be disproportionately affected by spiralling living costs. The supermarket's Income Tracker shows that those aged 65 to 74 experienced a 173 drop in disposable income in August compared to last year, as rising inflation continues to outstrip pension and savings growth. The research aligns with the findings from Age UK, which estimate that 2.8 million older households will still be living ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Rite Aid mulls putting merchandise behind showcases in New York City
... headwinds from shrink, particularly in New York City stores. According to the headline here, the environment in New York City is not conducive to reducing shrink based on everything you read and see on social media and news in the city. Rite Aid posted a $331.3 million net loss for the third quarter of 2022, up from $100.3 million a year ago. Matt Schroeder , Rite Aid's CFO, said during the earnings call that Rite Aid's front-end gross profit was impacted by a $5 million increase in shrink. During the ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
Thai preschool shooting leaves 37 dead
... kill children, but he shot at the door and shot right through it. Archayon Kraithong , a police spokeswoman, said at least 10 people were wounded, including six critically. Mass shootings are rare in Thailand, but gun ownership rates are high. The attack ... ... a teenager. He had been punished for bad behavior on a number of occasions. The attacker was identified as Panya Khamrab, a 34-year-old former police lieutenant colonel who had been dismissed from the force since January for methamphetamine possession ...
Updated: 10/07/2022
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