U.S. aerospace manufacturers pledge to reduce net zero emissions by 2050
... industry sources and a document seen by Reuters. The U.S. Aerospace Industries Association will work with airlines and governments for the goal on Monday, joining a growing aviation industry consensus that also includes airports, according to sources. AIA was not immediately available for comment. Global airlines are expected to vote on a similar proposal at the annual meeting of International Air Transport Association in Boston on Monday. A broader aviation industry lobby, the Air Transport Action ...
Updated: 10/03/2021
Prudential to raise $2. 4 B from Hong Kong IPO
... a discount of 2.6% on the prospective close in Hong Kong . The offer comes just over a week after Prudential finished demonetizing its U.S. unit, Jackson Financial Inc, a move that may accelerate its competition with Pan- Asia life insurance rival AIA Group . The insurance conglomerate, already a leading player in the Southeast Asian markets except China , will face off more fiercely with AIA in Thailand , which is the most populous country and has a growing middle class. Prudential shares sale ...
Updated: 09/26/2021
U.S. aerospace and defense companies wait for government guidance on vaccine requirement
... when we prepare to implement the new federal vaccine requirement, while working with our government partners as they develop detailed guidance, Eric Fanning , the association's president, said in the statement seen by Reuters. Throughout the pandemic, AIA members have introduced extensive benefits and expanded measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID -19 as our essential work continued, Fanning said. The U.S. Defense Department has spent more than $13 billion to shore up funding among defense ...
Updated: 09/23/2021
U.S. aerospace firms warn of possible industrial delays
... pushing for the United States to speed up the review of rule changes for airplane engines, warning delays in implementing planned global emissions standards could trigger industrial delays. The warning from the U.S. Aerospace Industries Association AIA comes as aerospace firms are more exposed to unexpected regulatory or economic hiccups following the COVID - 19 crisis. The standards would limit the flow of potentially harmful soot particles and do not take effect until the start of 2023. It is ...
Updated: 09/10/2021
Hong Kong to start allowing visitors from mainland China without quarantine
... Fook Jewellery Group, Sa Sa International Holdings Ltd and Luk Fook Holdings International Ltd gained at least 4% in the morning, while Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group rallied as much as 7%. The move will mean better restrictions that would benefit AIA, Prudential and China Taiping. Sales to mainland clients collapsed to 11 policies a day in 1 H 21 in Hong Kong , against 1,187 a day in 1 H 19 16 Lam said the government will issue a press release with details of the program. Visitors must undergo ...
Updated: 09/07/2021
Hong Kong-based insurer AIA raises interim dividend
HONG KONG -Insurer AIA Group Ltd raised its interim dividend on Tuesday and recorded a jump in the first-half new value as it recovered from pandemic-led business disruptions in most of its main markets apart from Hong Kong. HONG KONG - Insurer AIA Group Ltd raised its ...
Updated: 08/17/2021
Major global fund managers remain invested in transitoryassets
... Onuekwusi , head of retail multi-asset funds at Legal General Investment Management. Haefele did not expect tremendous clarity from the Fed anytime soon and said average inflation targeting gave the U.S. central bank more room to be lenient. The AIA group CIO Jerome Powell expects the Fed to announce resumed by November or December of this year, based on Chair Mark Konyn 's remarks about the underlying strength of the labour market. The Fed is facing a sort of 'hard deadline' in 2021 to announce ...
Updated: 08/12/2021
China's economic policies make short-term attractiveness for foreign investors
... tech, sustainability and 5 G. Justin Onuekwusi, LGIM's head of retail multi-asset funds, said his firm continued to hold Canadian stocks as they represented better value at current levels than their European and U.S. peers. Meanwhile, financial company AIA's CIO Mark Konyn, managing $230 billion, viewed the crackdown as only a transitional phase. Zhang believed China was investable in the long term as the actions were not a shift in policy direction. People will understand that this is more an accident ...
Updated: 08/06/2021
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