EU says Iran, world powers are close to deal
... of the people. Amirabdollahian told state TV that the Guards are one of the main issues in the country and despite the permission of the Guards officials. Yemen s Houthi group said on Saturday it was suspending missile and drone strikes on Saudi Arabia, Iran's regional rival, for three days in a peace initiative it said could be a lasting commitment if the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen stopped air strikes and lifted port restrictions. Amirabdollahian said this week that a nuclear deal can be reached in the short term if the United States is pragmatic. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA Tehran has been seeking guarantees that the United ...
Updated: 03/27/2022
Houthi attack on Saudi oil tank they hit a year ago
... likely have been significant on the kingdom's economy as well as the welfare of the residents of the Western region. Cruise missiles and drones are hard to defend against, but the U.S. sent a large number of Patriot anti-missile interceptors to Saudi Arabia to resupply the kingdom after the Houthi attacks. In September, the AP reported that the US had removed its own Patriot and THAAD defence systems from Prince Sultan Air Base outside Riyadh.
Updated: 03/22/2022
Iran claims responsibility for missile attack in Erbil
... Sunday's attack. In another sign of increased regional tensions, Iran suspended a fifth round of talks with regional rival Saudi Arabia that was due to take place on Wednesday in Baghdad. The last time ballistic missiles were directed at US forces was in ... ... neighbouring Syria. Iran-backed Shiite Islamist militias have attacked US forces in both countries and Washington has retaliated with air strikes. An Israeli air strike in Syria killed two members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps IRGC , Iranian state media ...
Updated: 03/13/2022
Saudi Arabia executes 81 people in largest mass execution in decades
... has liberalised life in Saudi Arabia since opening movie theatres and allowing women to drive, since taking power in 2017 under his father. He is believed to have ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi , while overseeing air strikes in Yemen that killed hundreds of civilians. The mass execution is likely to bring back attention to Saudi Arabia's human rights record at a time when world powers have been focused on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Rights groups have accused Saudi Arabia of enforcing restrictive laws on political and religious expression and criticising it for using the death ...
Updated: 03/12/2022
10,000 migrant workers die every year in Gulf states
... organisation. Low- paid migrant workers in the Gulf are exposed to a wide range of health risks, including heat and humidity, air pollution, overwork and abusive working conditions, poor occupational health and safety practices, psychosocial stress and ... ... which can lead to organ damage, the report said. Julhas Uddin , a 37-year-old man from Bangladesh, died in October 2017 in Saudi Arabia when a supervisor told him to enter a sewerage line without an oxygen cylinder. There are about 30 million migrants who ...
Updated: 03/11/2022
EV maker Lucid stock falls 12% after production outlook cuts
... sales. Lucid said the expansion of its Arizona plant is on track. The company slashed its 2022 production outlook for the Lucid Air , a luxury EV sedan, to between 12,000 vehicles and 14,000 vehicles, citing supply-chain problems and its continued focus ... ... opportunities ahead due to our technology leadership and strong demand for our cars. Lucid said it has signed agreements with Saudi Arabia to lay the groundwork for a full production plant in Saudi Arabia. Lucid estimated that its first international manufacturing ...
Updated: 02/28/2022
First of 3 flights to bring back Indians from Ukraine to Delhi
... today morning to bring back the Indian nationals. A Dreamliner B-787 aircraft with a capacity of over 200 seats was deployed for the special operation. The special flight from Ukraine will land in Delhi tonight, according to the news agency ANI . Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways operate routine flights from Ukraine to India, according to the Indian Embassy in Ukraine. There will be other flights from Ukraine to Delhi on February 25, February 27 and March 6 respectively. Ukrainian International ...
Updated: 02/22/2022
Qatar shuts down 12 Kenyan employment agencies
... travel documents by their employers. In August 2018, dozens of Kenyans were stranded in Qatar for lack of travel documents and air tickets after falling out with their employers. The Kenyans, most of whom were recruited by Mombasa-based agencies, said they ... ... last two years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that 89 Kenyans, most of whom were domestic workers, died in Saudi Arabia. Most of the deaths were caused by cardiac arrest, according to Riyadh. Foreign affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau ...
Updated: 02/21/2022
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