Ukrainian PM Johnson says Ukraine’s ‘best hour’
... Minister Boris Johnson told Ukrainian lawmakers on Tuesday that their heroic defense against Russia's invasion would rank as Ukraine's finest hour, invoking Winston Churchill's famous declaration about Britons as they faced the Nazi attack at the beginning of World War II. LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ukrainian lawmakers on Tuesday that their heroic defense against Russia's invasion would rank as Ukraine's finest hour, invoking Winston Churchill's famous declaration about Britons as they faced the ...
Updated: 05/03/2022
U.S. has no plans to invite South Korea to Quad, Psaki says
... during a press conference. The outgoing South Korean administration of President Moon Jae -in has been cautious about joining the ... ... for the first time since taking office in 2021 for talks with allies in Japan and South Korea over China's growing influence ... ... trip, which continues to cooperate with Russia amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. China is moving to expand its military influence ... ... relations, which are said to be at the worst point since the end of World War II due to wartime issues. At the Quad summit, participants, including ...
Updated: 05/03/2022
Over half of Japanese public support for revision of Constitution
... an end to arguments that Japanese forces are unconstitutional. The article does not prevent the country from defending itself, so it allows Japan to have defense forces, according to the government. The postwar constitution, drafted under the U.S. Allied occupation of Japan after World War II , has never been revised since it took effect in 1947. The proposal must be approved by a two-thirds majority in both the upper and lower houses before it can be put to a national referendum. 76% said Japan has not waged war since the end of World ...
Updated: 05/02/2022
US Congress alarmed over Solomon Islands security deal with China
... on both sides are alarming over the deal. Democrat Joe Courtney - a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee and co-chair of the so-called AUKUS caucus, compared... ... Chinese Communist Party from establishing a military presence that threatens us and our allies. The Chinese Communist Party plans to establish hegemony first in the region and eventually the world. Mr Courtney said there was legitimate criticism of the decision to shut down... ... sacred place that Solomon Islands had held since the Battle of Guadalcanal in World War II. Approximately 1,600 Americans died during the battle for the island as the US tried...
Updated: 04/29/2022
Japan not among nations thanking Ukraine in social media video
... The decision to omit Japan came after the Ukrainian government apologized for another Twitter video juxtaposing a picture of the late Japanese Emperor Hirohito next to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini when referencing the Axis powers' promotion of Nazism and fascism in World War II . Japan was allied with Hitler 's Germany and Mussolini 's Italy in the war, but the inclusion of the former emperor provoked a strong reaction in Japan. Japan said it will provide Ukraine with defense equipment, such as helmets, protective masks and commercial ...
Updated: 04/26/2022
Nearly 5 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine since Russia invasion
... worsen, the United Nations said Tuesday. Nearly five million Ukrainians have fled the war since Russia invaded the country, alarming the situation and voicing concern that... ... began, according to the UN 's International Organization for Migration IOM . Since World War II , officials say it's the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe. UNHCR spokeswoman... ... Moscow was trying to liberate east Ukraine, and the ministry said Moscow launched dozens of air strikes across eastern Ukraine overnight. Kyiv accuses Russian forces of unleashing...
Updated: 04/19/2022
US expresses concern over Solomon Islands security deal
... former British protectorate's capital, Honiara during a regional trip by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. A National Security Council statement said that the US delegation... ... across the Pacific Islands and the Indo-Pacific . The United States and its Asian allies have expressed growing concern about China assertiveness on the seas, especially in the dispute-rife waters near it. The Solomon Islands, a World War II battlefront, recognized China only in 2019 after switching from ties with Taiwan...
Updated: 04/19/2022
Nearly 35,000 more Ukrainians have fled to West
Nearly 35,000 more Ukrainians fled to the West in 24 hours to escape Russian war in their country, the United Nations said Wednesday. Nearly 35,000 more Ukrainians ... ... Ukrainians had fled across the borders since the war began on February 24 - a figure of 34,194 since Tuesday. 7.1 million internally displaced people have fled their homes... ... neighbours are bearing the brunt of Europe's most significant refugee crisis since World War II . According to UNHCR : Here is a breakdown of how many Ukrainian refugees have fled...
Updated: 04/06/2022
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