Afghan Taliban leaders assured families of land to build on
... growing within the Taliban ranks, tracing back to an alleged split between those loyal to deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar , and Sirajuddin Haqqani . Baradar was responsible for conducting peace talks with the US and is seen as a moderate ... ... at tax cuts - will it hit you? ANALYSIS Queen health: Anne helped Her Majesty as walking aid'struck a chord' INSIGHT Dr Afzal Ashraf, teacher of international relations, politics, and history at Loughborough University , told uk that how different ...
Updated: 10/20/2021
Afghan envoy Zalmay Khalilzad resigns after withdrawal from country
... accused Khalilzad of wasting any leverage that the U.S. had in Afghanistan by agreeing to a deadline for the withdrawal of US troops without setting any conditions for truce and peace between the Taliban and the Afghan government led by President Ashraf Ghani . His defenders have argued the envoy was given an impossible task, given the tight deadline that the Trump administration provides for United States ' withdrawal from Afghanistan . Khalilzad's decision comes after three years of unsuccessful ...
Updated: 10/19/2021
Former White House envoy Khalilzad resigns from secretary of state
... country capturing city after city, Mr. Khalilzad continued to negotiate with its leaders, urging them to negotiate a peaceful political transition and political power sharing agreement with the Afghan government. He was unable to do so before President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15, saying that he feared for his life. After the Taliban captured Kabul , Mr. Khalilzad helped facilitate safe passage for American civilians and at-risk Afghans. In all, 120,000 people were evacuated from the country....
Updated: 10/18/2021
U.N. says Afghanistan faces a'make or break moment'
... overran most of Afghanistan as U.S. and NATO forces were in the final stages of their chaotic withdrawal from the country after 20 years. They fled the capital of Kabul on 15 August without resistance from the Afghan army or the country president, Ashraf Ghani . Guterres pointed to promises by the Taliban since the takeover to protect the rights of women, children, minority communities and ex-government employees — particularly the possibility that women working and girls can get the same education ...
Updated: 10/12/2021
U.N. says Afghanistan faces a'make-or break moment'
... as the U.S. and NATO forces overran the country in the final stages of their chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years. They entered the capital, Kabul , on Aug. 15, without any resistance from the Afghan army or the country s president Ashraf Ghani who fled. Guterres pointed to promises by the Taliban since the takeover to protect the rights of women, children, minority communities, and former government employees — especially the possibility of women working and girls being able to get ...
Updated: 10/11/2021
UN Secretary General urges countries to give assets to the economy
... Washington s Administration has frozen assets held in U.S. banks in mid-August, with other countries following Biden's lead. The funding from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is also indentified. In the weeks since former President Ashraf Ghani has collapsed, Guterres said that UN agencies and nongovernmental organizations have been acting with the cooperation of the Taliban who have gradually granted access to the areas requested and provided security when needed. He said the number ...
Updated: 10/11/2021
Afghan Taliban arrest four members of Islamic State cell
... as the New government is grappling with a potentially catastrophic economic crisis, has added to the problems faced by the Taliban . The Taliban say they have total control of the country after the collapse of the Western government of President Ashraf Ghani in August. However remnants of the regional forces made up of former members of the Afghan army and national fighters under the banner of the National Resistance Front of Kabul continue to hold out in Panjshir province, north of Afghanistan. Mujahid ...
Updated: 10/06/2021
Afghan pavilion at Dubai Expo still open, despite Taliban withdrawal
... was displayed among other participating countries from tri-colour flags. The Taliban refer to their country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and use a different flag. The UAE , a close ally of the United States, is hosting former President Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan. The Tarawa region was also one of only three countries to recognise the Arab Taliban Government when they last ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Despite the pavilion's closure, crowds found themselves in the same building to ...
Updated: 10/02/2021
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