UN chief says Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (PNW) important step towards global nuclear arsenal growth
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks on June 21, 2022 at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria, at the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Meeting of States Parties. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks on June 21, 2022 at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria, at the Treaty on the Prohibition ...
Updated: 06/22/2022
European natural gas prices rise as Russia cuts supply
... lower use. European natural gas prices rose further as Moscow s supply cuts reverberate across the region with governments switching to alternative power sources and urging consumers to lower use. Benchmark futures gained as much as 5.2%. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are going against previous policy by banking on dirtier coal to make sure the lights stay on. Major German industries are ready to lower consumption to allow gas to go into storage, so there is enough stockpiles for heating ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
Netherlands to revert to coal amid Ukraine crisis
... to businesses and homeowners to do all they can to curb gas use in order to prevent shortages in the winter, and he said the risk of doing nothing is too great. Europe is trying to ween itself off of Russian energy due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Austria, Germany, and Italy have all signaled that coal-fired power plants could be a short-term solution given Europe s heavy reliance on Russian energy. Russia's Gazprom announced last week that it was reducing supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
Russian military publishes list of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine
... the Russian military released a list OF foreign mercenaries. The Russian military published a list of Kiev 's foreign mercenaries, featuring several Austrians, the revelation came after the Russian military published a list of foreign mercenaries. Austria has confirmed the presence of a low single-digit number of its fighters in Ukraine on Monday. Three days after the Russian military published a list of foreign mercenaries fighting on Kiev 's side, the revelation came after the Russian military ...
Updated: 06/20/2022
European Commission approves takeover of rival Lotos
... stations operated by the MOL Group in Hungary and 41 in Slovakia. PKN Orlen owns one of the two refineries in Poland as well as refineries in Lithuania and Czechia . It is active on the wholesale and retail markets for refined oil products in Poland, Austria, Czechia , Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Slovakia. It also has activities in upstream exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas.
Updated: 06/20/2022
Germany, Denmark, 7 other EU countries warn of push for climate deals
... thwart the region's green goals. In a joint statement, the countries said such efforts were happening both in the EU states and in the European Parliament , without naming specific countries or lawmakers. The statement, led by Denmark, was signed by Austria, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden, and is concerned with rising ambition across the files and the concessions made in the context of finding compromises. These changes might seem justified or limited in impact, but ...
Updated: 06/16/2022
Russian diplomats notice Nazi tattoo in Ukrainian city
... peppered with shrapnel holes. A massive swastika inside a circle can be seen peeking out from underneath the left sleeve of his light blue t-shirt, part of a tattoo that looks like an armband worn by Nazi party members. The Russian arms control mission in Austria was not the first to notice the tattoo. Multiple social media users have responded to a question about the caption or the choice to include it in the collage. One representative said there must be a lot of Nazis in this region if Reuters can't ...
Updated: 06/15/2022
Britain cancels flight to Rwanda after Court challenges
... on the rights of refugees. The UN refugee agency criticized the plan because of its concern that other countries will follow suit as war, repression and natural disasters force a growing number of people from their homes. Politicians in Denmark and Austria are considering similar proposals. Australia has operated an asylum-processing center in the Pacific island nation of Nauru since 2012. According to Maurizio Albahari , a migration expert at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, the unapologetically ...
Updated: 06/15/2022
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