U.N. Secretary-General says climate change conference at risk of failure
... south that need to be overcome. We are on the verge of the abyss and when you are on the verge of the abyss, you need to be very careful about what the next step is. And the next step is COP 26 in Glasgow , he said. Guterres and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will on Monday host an annual meeting of the world leaders on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly to look at the possibility of a success in the climate conference held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12. My objective and the reason why we have a ...
Updated: 09/16/2021
Britain's first booster jabs for over 50 - yr-old people
... LONDON, 16 Sept Reuters - England launched its booster vaccination campaign on Thursday, the National Health Service NHS said, after officials and the government gave the go-ahead for the programme earlier in the week. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday outlined how the booster programme for over 50s and other priority groups will form a key plank of his plan to navigate the winter without further coronavirus lockdowns. Booster vaccinations will be given at least six months after people ...
Updated: 09/16/2021
UK PM Johnson says relationship with France is rock solid
... Reuters: His daily press conference on a winter COVID - 19 plan held in Downing Street Briefing Room in London , UK, September 14, 2021. LONDON, Sept 16 Reuters : The relationship between Australia and the United States is rock solid, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday when asked about a new defence pact with France that sinks an existing French- Australian submarine deal. France has reacted angrily to the news of the 'AUKUS' partnership on Wednesday which will help Australia acquire French-designed ...
Updated: 09/16/2021
Australia says nuclear-powered submarines won't enter New Zealand waters
... on Thursday that new nuclear military submarines would not be allowed in its territorial waters under a long standing nuclear free policy. A new Indo-Pacific security partnership announced by U.S. president Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Boris Johnson will see Australia provide the technology and capability to deploy nuclear-powered submarines. The Indo-Pacific deal is widely seen as a counter to China 's growing influence in the region. I discussed the arrangement with Prime Minister Ardern ...
Updated: 09/16/2021
Boris Johnson to host Joe Biden at the White House next week
U.S. President Boris Johnson speaks with Britain's Premier Minister Joe Biden as they look at historical documents and artefacts related to the Atlantic Charter in their meeting at Carbis Bay Hotel, Cornish Bay Hospital Bay Resort Bay, Cornwall, Brim, June 10, 2021. U.S....
Updated: 09/15/2021
Boris Johnson says he has the right team to deliver on public priorities
The announcement by Boris Johnson of his top ministers will be sure he has the right team to deliver on what his spokesman described as the public's priorities Asked whether his government had underperformed on his policy to tackle regional inequality in Britain, the spokesman ...
Updated: 09/15/2021
British PM Johnson to reshuffle cabinet on Wednesday
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he walks outside Downing Street in London, UK, on 15 September 2021. REUTERS Hannah McKay and Carbuncle LONDON, 15 September 2016 Reuters according to the BBC News Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he walks outside Downing ...
Updated: 09/15/2021
Britain's busiest airport is now Europe's busiest
... want the current traffic light system reviewed and simplified. The system classifies countries as either green, amber or red for coronavirus with different rules in place for each category. What is the hard reality of Brexit? It's costing everyone but Boris Johnson The current traffic light system is an outlier and is delaying the government’s global ambitions, handing rivals a competitive advantage while Heathrow Airport lost market share in a statement. in July said it had shifted some planes from Britain ...
Updated: 09/15/2021
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