Malaysian Court of Appeal rules overseas-born children cannot automatically be citizens
... overseas-born children of Malaysian women married to foreigners cannot automatically be Malaysian citizens. In a majority decision on Friday, the court ruled in favor of the government's attempt to overturn a landmark High Court ruling that Malaysian children born overseas to foreign spouses with foreign spouses were entitled to Malaysian citizenship. Malaysian media reported that the decision of the Court of Appeal was delivered by a three-judge bench chaired by Judge Kamaludin Md Said. Judge Azizah Nawawi ...
Updated: 08/05/2022
Keanu Reeves to appear in TV-based version of 'black City'
... Reeves has worked almost exclusively in films, including the Matrix and John Wick franchises. He took a trip into TV with Swedish Dicks, a 2016 comedy series about Swedish private eyes, in which Reeves made brief appearances. Herman Webster Mudgett , born in Holmes , was linked to a number of murders and confessed to them. He was convicted and sentenced to death for only one and executed in 1896.
Updated: 08/05/2022
French lawmakers to vote on inflation relief measures
... private companies, as a result of a previous limit of €1,000. France is to renationalise EDF , one of the world's biggest energy providers, in response to the energy crisis exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The prime minister, lisabeth Borne, told parliament that they must have full control over their electricity production and performance. Macron also promised to scrap the TV licence fee. The legislation was backed by members of Macron 's centrist alliance, the rightwing party, Les ...
Updated: 08/04/2022
FOREX-Dollar steadies ahead of BOE meeting
... investors expect the central bank to raise the rate by 50 basis points to 1.75%, the highest level since late 2008. The decision is due to be made at 1100 GMT. The euro was flat at $1.01635 and the Japanese yen recovered a little to 133.54 per dollar, as it borne the brunt of the dollar gains this week. The price of cryptocurrencies was up a bit at $23,000.
Updated: 08/04/2022
China to kick off major military exercises around Taiwan
... source told AFP the exercises would be staged in preparation for actual combat if the Taiwanese forces come into contact with the PLA on purpose and accidentally fire a gun, the PLA will take stern countermeasures, and all the consequences will be borne by the Taiwanese side, the source said.
Updated: 08/04/2022
Pregnant woman loses baby after eating contaminated with listeria
... dissented from these strict industry standards. The unborn child had reached 30 weeks gestational age at the time of the stillbirth, according to Burdo . The 24 week mark indicates when a baby might survive outside the uterus. This baby could have been born the day before this spinach was consumed and survived and thrived, Burdo said. She said that her firm, Wapner Newman , is dedicated to giving this unborn, full-term child a voice, and telling these companies who manufactured and distributed contaminated ...
Updated: 08/03/2022
Democrats propose minimum tax on income that companies pay zero
... benefits of our nation's military security, infrastructure and rule of law. 0.9% of the population are in the U.S. The proposal was conducted by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation , which advocates for lower taxes, but the tax would be disproportionately borne by certain industries. The coal industry would have to deal with a net tax hike of 7.2% of its pre-tax book income under the book tax minimum. That would be followed by automobile and truck manufacturing, which is facing a 5.1% tax hike. The industries ...
Updated: 08/03/2022
Marily Monroe’s estate defends actress Ana de Armas in upcoming biopic
... Andrew Dominik and will be released on September 28 by Netflix. When the trailer for the film was released in late July, some watchers said they could hear hints of De Armas'Spanish accent in her rendering of Monroe 's famous breathy tone. De Armas was born in Cuba and acted in Spain before moving to Hollywood. In an interview with the Times last year, De Armas spoke about the struggle to perfect Monroe 's accent, saying it took nine months of dialect coaching. It was a big torture, so exhausting. ...
Updated: 08/03/2022
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