John Barilaro to head inquiry into appointment of New York Trade job
... we will hear from the man at the centre of the inquiry, former deputy premier John Barilaro , who was selected for the prestigious New York based job. Barilaro is expected to get a lot of grilling. We will hear from the CEO of Investment NSW, Amy Brown , for the third time this afternoon.
Updated: 08/08/2022
NSNS’s Barilaro set to be probed over US job appointment
... which these positions were appointed. And any of the conversations he had with Minister Ayres or Mr Perrottet, or indeed anyone else in the government, when he applied for and was eventually offered that job. The chief executive of Investment NSW Amy Brown will join Mr Barilaro in giving evidence - it will be her third appearance before the committee. During her testimony on Wednesday, August 3 she admitted that the appointment was not done at arm's length from the government. A report on a separate ...
Updated: 08/07/2022
Bear blamed for killing 8 pet dogs in Japan is dead
On April 28 a brown bear, not RT, eats plants on a cliff in Shari, Hokkaido. Wataru Sekita RAUSU, Hokikaido hunters killed a Brown bear dubbed RT that was blamed for the deaths or injuries of eight pet dogs during a four-year battle in the death or injuries from eight ...
Updated: 08/07/2022
New Labor Party names candidate to fight MP Gareth Ward
... fixing our schools are some of the things we need to do. Labor leader Chris Minns said that Ward 's strong hold over the seat was the reason the party named its candidate eight months out of the election. Katelin knows that. In 2011, Labour's Matt Brown resigned from his role as a police minister after allegedly hosting a wild post-budget election party in his parliamentary office. Just days before Ms McInerney's selection was announced, the New South Wales Branch of the Labor Party announced ...
Updated: 08/07/2022
Rory Stewart says ‘new opportunities’ for Conservatives
... gets better through drawing borders as Brexit has exemplified. He would prefer not to see a referendum, rather than helping to put issues to bed, because he believes that they are polarising and divisive. But if one took place, he recommended Gordon Brown as a fantastic voice to lead the pro-union campaign rather than him.
Updated: 08/06/2022
JD Sports, Footasylum fined nearly £4m for sharing sensitive information
... almost 4.7 m by the CMA for sharing sensitive information during its investigation. Peter Cowgill , the head of JD Sports , resigned from the company in May after the fine. In July 2021, Cowgill was filmed meeting his counterpart at Footasylum Barry Brown in a car park near Bury in Greater Manchester, first revealed by a report in the Sunday Times. The CMA found that the two bosses exchanged sensitive information and failed to alert the regulators during two meetings on July 5 and August 4th, 2021....
Updated: 08/05/2022
Court injunction temporarily halts construction of controversial highway
... contractors from doing any more clearing work on the southern section of the road through the semi-rural community of Gelorup . On Monday, a clearing of the land, which sits on a 40-year-old road reserve , began after a visit by former Greens leader Bob Brown to the site. At least five people have been arrested at the site since locking themselves on to machinery and climbing trees. Opponents had been campaigning for Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to reverse her decision to sign off on ...
Updated: 08/05/2022
US bullfrog, brown tree snake cost world USD 16 billion
Two invasive species, the American bullfrog and the brown tree snake, cost the world an estimated US $16 billion between 1986 and 2020 by causing problems from crop damage to power outages, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. MIAMI: Two invasive species, the American bullfrog and the ...
Updated: 08/05/2022
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