Indigenous leaders in Amazon region rue lack of coordination
... search for the two men. Indigenous leaders in the area where a British journalist and Brazilian explorer went missing last Sunday have expressed increasing frustration at the lack of coordination in the search for the two men. The Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips , a longtime contributor to the Guardian, were last seen on Sunday morning while traveling by boat on the Itaqua River in the western Amazon . They disappeared at the end of a reporting trip but the search was slow to get going ...
Updated: 06/11/2022
Biden, Bolsonaro face-to-face meeting at Summit of the Americas
... when I leave office, it will also be through democratic means, according to an unofficial translation of his comments. Several members of Congress have publicly urged Mr. Biden to press Mr. Bolsonaro to find Dom Phillips , a British journalist and Bruno Pereira , a Brazilian indigenous expert who went missing in the Amazon on Sunday after facing threats from illegal fishermen. The Brazilian government's response has been criticized as slow and ineffective. On Thursday, editors of many of the world's ...
Updated: 06/10/2022
Sister of missing British journalist holds vigil for him
... missing in the Amazon has said she still hopes he will be found. Sian Phillips was joined by supporters at a vigil for her brother Dom Phillips , who has worked as a freelance correspondent for the Guardian, and Brazilian Indigenous Affairs official Bruno Araujo Pereira outside the Brazilian Embassy in central London on Thursday. The two men vanished from a remote part of the rainforest more than three days ago, last seen early on Sunday in the S o Rafael community. Some people held red roses while others held ...
Updated: 06/09/2022
Celebrities lead calls for urgent search for missing British activist
... journalist and Brazilian indigenous advocate missing in the Amazon rainforest. Pel, now 81 and considered one of the greatest players of all time, retweeted a video by Phillips s wife that appealed for more urgency in the search for her husband and Bruno Pereira . The fight for the preservation of the Amazon forest and of the indigenous groups belongs to all of us, the former Santos legend wrote on Twitter. I am moved by the disappearance of Dom Phillips and Bruno Ferreira, who dedicate their lives to ...
Updated: 06/08/2022
Wife of British journalist missing in Brazil urges urgent search
... Brazilian authorities, our families are in despair. The appeal has been missing for more than 30 hours and in the forest every second counts, so every second could be the difference between life and death, Sampaio said. All I can do is pray that Dom and Bruno Ara jo Pereira are well, somewhere, and unable to continue with their journey because of some mechanical problem, and that all this will end up being just another story in these full lives of theirs. Phillips , 57, was traveling with Bruno Ara jo Pereira, a ...
Updated: 06/07/2022
British journalist, indigenous expert missing in Amazon
... their safety. Dom Phillips , a longtime contributor to the Guardian in Brazil, was last seen in the Javari region of Amazonas state a vast region of rivers and rainforests near the border with Peru over the weekend. The reporter was traveling with Bruno Ara jo Pereira , a former government official who has been tasked with protecting Brazil's uncontacted tribes who have received threats from the loggers and miners who are trying to invade their lands. Phillips is currently working on a book about the environment ...
Updated: 06/06/2022
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