Tesla lays off hundreds of employees, rescinded job offers
... employees as it shut down an office in San Mateo, Calif. that it had been looking at data from Tesla's Autopilot driver-assistance system. About 150 other employees were transferred to a different office, according to Bloomberg . According to a report by Business Insider, Tesla recently laid off a number of new hires who started their jobs only weeks or months ago, and has withdrawn job offers to some who were planning to join the company. Tesla, which dissolved its media relations team, did not respond Tuesday ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
At least 16 people dead in strike on Ukrainian mall
... after the blast, people lined up at a hotel near the mall to register the names of those missing. More than 40 people have been reported missing, Ukraine's Prosecutor-General's office said. Rescue workers sift through the rubble looking for survivors. Inside the mall during the strike. One patient in the hospital's general ward, Ludmyla Mykhailets , 43, said she was shopping at an electronics store with her husband, Mykola , when the blast threw her into the air. I flew, head-first, and splinters ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Chick-fil-A is testing an express drive-thru lane
... the press release, the chain has found that wait times have decreased significantly for customers who use the express drive-thru lane. Despite the innovation, Chick -fil-A said customers can continue to order in traditional ways at the drive-thru or inside the restaurant.
Updated: 06/27/2022
BloxCross coin exchange will become a New York Stock Exchange
... bringing a coin exchange is just the beginning, but it also provides the foundation for all the innovation that we're going to do inside of the digital assets company, BloxCross . Bliss says that the carnage caused by crashing asset prices can be a boon as ... ... painful as they can be and as changing as they can be, are good for industries as they clear out all the weak hands, the bad business models. The business models of companies that issue cryptocurrencies are what you see in the criptocurrency world. That's ...
Updated: 06/27/2022
Chef, restaurant staff shortages wear them down
... doing what they can to make the workplace as appealing as possible, despite the fact that they are doing what they can to alleviate pressure on staff. They've been trying to train and upskill younger workers that are new to the industry. The industry insiders hope things improve soon, not just for the sake of their businesses, but also their employees, because they've been understanding for the most part.
Updated: 06/26/2022
Mount Isa residents take to social media to report stolen cars
... around the Queensland city of Mount Isa last week, residents took to Facebook to report sightings and share their concerns. Businesses say the social media rumour mill is having devastating effects on visitor numbers as the tourist season kicks off. ... ... spreading awareness and possibly encouraging residents into better protective behaviours. Some of these motor vehicles had the keys inside the unlocked car.
Updated: 06/26/2022
Treasury calls for more representation of RBA board
... conversation about whether or not the Reserve Bank board is representative, broad enough, or not the right size, he told the ABC's Insiders. When I announce the terms of reference for the Reserve Bank review, one of the key considerations is board representation,... ... hospitality. This allows them to get a bit of extra money by doing that work. He said that it's going to make a big difference to businesses, because they're grey nomads travelling around, and they want to work in a regional town. Treasurer Jim Chalmers was ...
Updated: 06/26/2022
Why giving pay raises to employees who threaten to quit
... hear about life in a business We apologize for the video, but it didn't load. Click here to see other videos from our team. If you give pay raises to employees who threaten to quit, it can backfire big-time Hello! I gushed, eager to hear about life inside a business that had a knack for making news, even by investment banking standards. He said something. He had gone months ago, joining millions around the world in a Great Resignation that was supposed to have been a temporary, pandemic blip but has lasted ...
Updated: 06/25/2022
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