U.S. stock market higher as Biden delays infrastructure bill
... overseas. These companies must abide by personal laws and regulations and also assure security of the national network, critical information infrastructure and national data. In Europe, the DAX 30 declined 0.3% while Britain 's FTSE 100 and the French CAC 40 rallied 0.2% and 0.33%, respectively. Asian bourses came higher across the board with Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index climbing 2.46%, China 's Shanghai Composite Index rising 1.08% and Japan 's Nikkei 225 adding 0.87%.
Updated: 08/24/2021
U.S. stock futures snap ahead of Fed event
... Friday's closing price. The deal estimates the cancer drug maker at $2.26 billion. In earnings, Chinese e-commerce company reported earnings and revenue that exceed Wall Street estimates as the number of active customer accounts decreased by 27.4%. Cac 40 paced the advance in Europe, trading up 0.94%, while the FTSE 100 and Germany 's DAX 30 advanced 0.46% and 0.25%, respectively.
Updated: 08/23/2021
China plans to hand over data management to third-party firms
... companies' overseas listing plans on hold pending new rules on data security, particularly in the United States . Last month the CAC advanced draft rules https: world China state-drafts - new-cyber security industry - plan - 2021 -- 07 -- ... world china exclusive spoke with Westone -hand over-data control-control after (abt +) ipo-dustup - 2021 -- 08 - 06 - 40) - Daten Management & Monitoring the, Under the plan being discussed, Westone would be able to track Didi 's servers across ...
Updated: 08/20/2021
U.S. stocks under pressure after Fed minutes
... energy-related companies were in the crosshairs as West Texas Intermediate crude oil gained $2.48 to $62.98 a barrel due to a stronger dollar and surprise build up in gasoline inventories. Overseas markets were below across the board. In Europe, France 's CAC 40 has paced the decline, falling 2.53%, while Germany 's FTSE 100 and Spain's DAX 30 of 2.05% and 1.86%, respectively, fell.
Updated: 08/19/2021
U.S. stock futures mixed ahead of Fed's July meeting
... who will release their quarterly results after Wednesday's closing bell. West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell $66 cents to $67.24 a barrel and gold rose 30 cents to $1,787. 50 an ounce. German bourses traded lower around the board, with France 's CAC 40 down 0.36%, England's FTSE 100 sliding 0.3% and France 's DAX 30 losing 0.13%. In Asia, Hong Kong 's Hang Seng index rose 0.47% while Japan 's Nikkei 225 and China 's Shanghai Composite advanced 0.599% and 1.11%, respectively.
Updated: 08/18/2021
Dow Jones drop 195 points as investors wait for Powell
... basis points to 1.23% while flattening the yield curve In commodities, West Texas Intermediate crude oil slid 55 cents to $66.74 a barrel and gold climbed $6.90 to $1,796. 70 an ounce. European bourses were mixed with Germany 's DAX 30 and France 's CAC 40 sinking 0.21% and 0.52% respectively, while Britain 's FTSE 100 ticked up 0.11%.
Updated: 08/17/2021
U.S. stock futures fall as coronaviruses hold near 4 - month high
... results this week. In commodities, West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped 97 cents to $67.47 a barrel and gold slipped $1.60 to $1,776. 60 an ounce. American stock markets were weaker across the board with Germany 's FTSE 100 losing 1%, France 's CAC 40 getting 0.866% and Britain 's DAX 30 dropping 0.42%. In Asia, Japan 's Nikkei 225 and Hong Kong 's Hang Seng index slid 1.62% and 0.8%, respectively, while China 's Shanghai Composite ticked up 0.03%.
Updated: 08/16/2021
European stocks head for fourth straight week on record highs
... regulatory risks value stocks will outperform growth stocks, adding he expects stronger earnings growth among mid-cap and smaller companies versus the mega-cap growth companies. The recent gains lifted Germany 's blue-chip DAX to a record high, France 's CAC 40 close to its life-high hit in 2000 and UK's FTSE 100 to its highest since February. Shares in Italy, which traded near their highest level since September 2008 were also trading near their highest since September 2008. Adidas grew 1.8% after it announced ...
Updated: 08/13/2021
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