Saudi Arabia building its own ballistic missiles with help of China
According to the United States intelligence assessments and satellite images of Saudi Arabia is building its ... ... according to researchers at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Jeffrey Lewis and David Schmerler, from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute,... ... nuclear deal with world powers, as it could change security calculations in the Middle East . It could ... ... Beijing , criticizing its human rights record while cooperating with Chinese leaders on major global threats ...
Updated: 12/24/2021
Vladimir Putin is running out of time to reclaim Ukraine
... Ukraine, delivered impossible demands on Europe and appears ready to launch a new offensive ... ... time, Putin is alarmed by growing military cooperation between Ukraine and the West,... ... The Kremlin's plan of waiting it out, both for Ukrainians to lose patience with their ... ... made it clear that he is not happy with his security guarantees immediately and has treated ... ... United States quickly withdraws from all international agreements it loses interest ... ... Baunov , a senior fellow at Carnegie Moscow Center Moscow Center, wrote earlier this month ...
Updated: 12/23/2021
The Log 4 j flaw that could allow hackers to take over your computer
... user data to take control of real-world infrastructure, according to experts. The Log 4 j vulnerability is dangerous for two reasons: how widely used the software is, and how attackers can take advantage of the flaw. Herb Lin, a research scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University , said that if you have the vulnerability and exploit it, you can run your code on your machine. Now it's like I'm on my machine, and now I can do anything you can do. Lin says that can include things like stealing ...
Updated: 12/17/2021
White House warns of heightened risk of ransomware attacks around Christmas
The White House National Security Council is warning of the heightened risk ... ... activities like ransomware around the Christmas holiday, and urging business leaders to update IT practices ... ... who serves as a deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology, and Chris Inglis,... ... holidays because criminals know that security operations centers are often short-staffed, which can delay the ... ... currency to launder ransomware payments and leveraging international cooperation to disrupt the ransomware ecosystem. The ...
Updated: 12/16/2021
Biden seeks to strengthen ties with Southeast Asia
Washington, December 12, Reuters - The Biden administration will try to strengthen economic and security cooperation with Southeast Asia through a visit to the region next week by its top diplomat,... ... infrastructure in the face of China 's bullying and discussing the president's vision for an Indo-Pacific economic framework, as a top U.S. diplomat for Asia , Daniel... ... the region craves. Matthew Goodman, a regional economics expert at Washington 's Center for Strategic and International Studies , said there was a burden of proof on this administration to deliver...
Updated: 12/12/2021
Highlights from day 1 of ASEAN-China summit
It is a busy Monday for Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh who is ... ... business leaders from 50 Vietnamese companies to seek cooperation with Japanese counterparts in fields such as energy and infrastructure development. It is a busy Monday ... ... pleaded guilty to secession under the new national security law and money laundering. Prosecutors cited ... ... courts, housing its retail space, warehouse and call center. The Bank of Korea 's monetary policy board ... ... restrictions for businesspeople, students and technical interns earlier this month. It also cut the quarantine ...
Updated: 11/21/2021
U.S. President Joe Biden and China's Xi Jinping meet for longest exchange
WASHINGTONBEIJing ReutersX U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping just completed their longest exchange ... ... According to Scott Kennedy, a China expert at Washington 's Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank, it appears that they exchanged ... ... Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing and a former National Security Council official, said that while the meeting has stabilized ... ... believes that both sides will focus their attention on increasing cooperation and more effective management of their differences ...
Updated: 11/16/2021
Biden to meet with China's President Xi Jinping on Tuesday
President Biden's policy, a mix of confrontation and cooperation, will face a stress test when he meets ... ... administration official said. We're trying to shape the international environment in a way that is favorable ... ... Mr. Biden will raise concerns over human rights, for which the U.S. has leveled sanctions and Chinese ... ... Since Mr. Biden took office, the U.S. strengthened security partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region, ... ... reorient America's policy toward engagement from one centered on engagement. The US has a $250 billion investment ...
Updated: 11/15/2021
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