Boris Johnson should hold vote of confidence, warns Putin
... police investigation into parties at No 10 and if local elections go badly for the Conservatives, a Tory MP said. The Chair of the Commons Defence Committee, Tobias Ellwood... ... prime minister's image as a law-breaker after the fixed-penalty notices for attending parties in No 10. Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East, told BBC Radio 4 s Today programme:... ... has harmed the party's reputation. He said that the Partygate scandal undermined the UK's image as a beacon of democracy by eroding the high standards that politicians have...
Updated: 04/14/2022
UK pm'messedified' over COVID-19 fine
... those who died alone during the epidemic. Senior ministers have rallied round Johnson while a number of previous critics in his Conservative Party have said that it was not time for a change in leadership given the crisis in Ukraine. On Wednesday, David ... ... conclusion that there was repeated rule-breaking and breaches of criminal law. The prime minister initially told parliament that no parties took place. An internal investigation found his staff had enjoyed alcohol-fuelled parties when social mixing was all but ...
Updated: 04/13/2022
Ministers’ code could affect their future
... in the cabinet room, had been within the rules. This seems to have convinced enough Conservative MPs to be safe. What could make things tricky is if Johnson is fined for... ... a senior civil servant, was tasked with writing a report on what happened with the parties. Its publication was delayed for the police investigation, but was commissioned... ..., to quit. The code is only applicable for Westminster ministers, with the devolved UK governments having their own versions. The codes for Scottish and Welsh are based...
Updated: 04/13/2022
UK PM Johnson, Chancellor of Exchequer Rishi Sunak fined for lockdown parties
... LONDON British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of Exchequer Rishi Sunak will be fined by the police for attending parties during the country's COVID 19 lockdown, according to Downing Street on Tuesday. READ MORE: UK PM Johnson refuses to resign over the lockdown parties. Johnson and Sunak received today notification that the Metropolitan ... ... illicit gatherings, Johnson 's premiership has been precarious, with calls from opposition parties and even members of his own Conservative Party for him to resign. The Met launched an investigation at the end of January into 12 alleged events that included ...
Updated: 04/12/2022
Boris Johnson suggests athletes who question gender should not be allowed to compete
... wedge between those who were gay, lesbian or bisexual and people who identified as transgender. He said that Britain needs a strategy for trans people and I can't see one at the moment. It is not a respectful debate, it has turned into a woke war. The Conservative MP Dehenna Davison expressed concern about the cancellation of the Safe To Be Me conference which will be held in June to put pressure on countries to adopt stronger rights for LGBT people. She said that the UK and the Conservative party are defenders of freedom and we had a huge opportunity to prove that. As a Conservative member of the LGBT community, it is so wrong that it has come to this. The Scottish Conservatives voted to ban all conversion practices ...
Updated: 04/06/2022
Food prices could be higher as pandemic hits supply chain
... shortage in the food industry has resulted in unharvested crops being left to rot in fields, the killing of healthy pigs on farms because of a lack of workers at meat processing plants, and disruption to the food supply chain, as well as a threat to the UK's food security. The committee chairman, along with five other Conservatives, four Labour MPs and a Scottish National Party colleague, found that the workforce shortfall was the single biggest factor affecting the sector, with the pig sector particularly affected, leading to a crisis in domestic production. Industry ...
Updated: 04/06/2022
British nationals living abroad get right to vote in general election
... stage in the House of Lords, British nationals living overseas for more than 15 years are set to get the right to vote in the UK's general election. After a proposed change in the law passed a critical stage in the House of Lords, British nationals living ... ... voting rights in the high court in 2016 and in the European court of justice in 2018. It will also deliver a promise made by the Conservative party in successive election manifestos. Alistair Lexden, who championed the cause, said: Three manifestos are close ...
Updated: 03/31/2022
Lord Reed and Hodge quit from Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal
... been calling for UK judges to leave the CFA , and a lot of political pressure has been applied to them, from all political parties. The people who are responsible for the pressure on the judges to quit are the same ones who lead the anti-China lobby in the UK Parliament, and they played a big part in the British government's other hostile measures to hurt Hong Kong, including suspending ... ... agreement. Reed and Hodge should be praised for standing up to the political pressure for so long, but as both the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition Labour Party wanted them to quit, as well as the highly vocal anti-China media, they were ...
Updated: 03/31/2022
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