HPE CFO says supply chain is the biggest hurdle for company
... more widely across different countries in the world, in Europe, and also in Asia. "You cannot expect decades to be reversed in a quarter or two," he said. HPE has already started making moves in that direction by opening a new factory in the Czech Republic. Robbiati said the plant was built to make HPE 's supply chain geared for the future by being speedy and cost-efficient. He said that the company doesn't expect to achieve stability in its supply chain until 2023. Robbiati said that you can't ...
Updated: 06/07/2022
EU targets Russian oil imports by end of 2022
... be banned in six months, while refined petroleum products will be phased out in eight months. Deliveries of Russian crude via the Druzhba pipeline, one of the world's longest oil pipelines that runs through Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will be exempt from the embargo for an indefinite period, according to local news outlets. ALSO READ: EU targets Russian coal, ships in new sanctions. The sixth package of sanctions was agreed by the EUCO on Tuesday. It will allow a ban on ...
Updated: 06/05/2022
EU wants to speed up trade deal work after six months
... Chile and Mexico, so as not to disturb presidential and legislative elections in April and June. France is particularly sensitive to increased beef imports such deals could bring, but has denied it is holding up agreements. The more free-trade oriented Czech Republic takes over the EU presidency on July 1. The Finnish trade minister Ville Skinnari said before the meeting that he was a strong backer of a deal with Mercosur bloc of Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina struck in 2019, but put on hold due to EU concerns ...
Updated: 06/03/2022
EU announces sanctions against Russia over Ukraine
... sea, or 2 3 of all EU imports of Russian crude oil from early December, and will ban all Russian refined products two months later. The delivery of Russian crude via the Druzhba pipeline, which runs through Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will be exempt from the embargo for an indefinite time, but Poland and Germany have said they will stop using the pipeline by the end of the year, bringing the reduction of Russian oil imports into the EU by the end of 2022. In 2021, the EU ...
Updated: 06/03/2022
Novavax CEO says company is optimistic about upcoming FDA meeting
... at the Serum Institute Serum Institute, and the doses for the U.S. market will initially be coming from India. Over the last couple of years, they've built out capacity for us," Trizzino said of SII. Novavax has a manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, as well as Australia and Canada, and has sent doses from that facility to Europe. South Korea's SK bioscience and the Czech site will be the manufacturing sources, along with Serum , according to Trizzino . Novavax is eyeing the vaccine hesitant,...
Updated: 06/01/2022
Hungary announces oil embargo against Russia
... would include seaborne deliveries, as well as Poland and Germany stopping their own imports of Russian oil via pipeline by then, which they have pledged to do. The remaining 10% would be temporarily exempt from the embargo, so Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic would have access via the Druzhba pipeline from Russia. With energy prices going up, leaders want the EU 's executive commission to look at ways to curb them, such as temporary price caps, and work on potential reforms to Europe's electricity ...
Updated: 06/01/2022
EU leaders reach deal to ban Russian oil imports by end of year
... pipeline imports to win Hungary's approval. Five European countries import Russian oil by pipeline. By the end of the year, Germany and Poland agreed to cut off all Russian imports, including those arriving by pipeline, but Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic didn't make a pledge. Slovakia and the Czech Republic have indicated that they are working toward moving their supply away from Russia, despite the fact that the three countries are dependent on Russian oil imports.
Updated: 05/31/2022
Poland pm says EU oil embargo is triumph of solidarity
... pessimism and skepticism, the diplomacy of the European Commission , Poland and several other member states had been effective, according to the prime minister. Morawiecki said we had a special duty to persuade our partners from the Visegrad Group : the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary. We did that, and I can say that. We showed certain mechanisms to get out of that difficult situation for many, from that impasse that we fell into, but I can say that once more solidarity and unity triumphed ...
Updated: 05/31/2022
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