US, Pacific Island nations sign pact to counter China
... and the Federated States of Micronesia. Peace Corps volunteers will return to Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga, while other countries are also being considered for the program. The White House said that the United States will begin talks with Fiji on a defense cooperation agreement and will soon begin with Papua New Guinea. Leaders from the region seemed to be pleased with the summit. For nearly a decade, Xi Jinping , China's leader, has been providing red carpet welcomes to Pacific leaders. Biden ...
Updated: 09/30/2022
Rwanda genocide suspect refuses to attend UN hearing
... fragile health, the court will only sit for six hours a week, divided over two days. Brammertz said the prosecution case will take several months. Brammertz said that time is important, so we hope that this trial can proceed as quickly as possible. The defense will make its opening statement when the trial begins on Friday.
Updated: 09/30/2022
JPMorgan Chase to hire 2,000 engineers
... people understand the innovation that's happening here? Beer praised opportunities to work on projects that affect millions of customers or move trillions of dollars. For example, engineers could move applications to the cloud, bolster the bank's cyber defenses or automate back-office processes. Analysts have questioned JPMorgan 's plan to spend $14.1 billion on technology this year. At its investor day in May, JPMorgan executives outlined some initiatives, such as personalization for its mobile app,...
Updated: 09/30/2022
Asian markets brace for worst month since pandemic
... has led to the pound being roiled in Europe. Prime Minister Liz Truss said on Thursday that she will stick to her plan to reignite economic growth, breaking her silence after nearly a week of financial market chaos. A 200 billion euro US$96 billion defensive shield was set up by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz , including a gas price brake and a reduction in sales tax for the fuel, to protect companies and households from the impact of soaring energy prices. The European Central Bank expressed support ...
Updated: 09/30/2022
Thai court to rule on Prayuth's 8-year tenure
... have left office last month. The court must decide whether or not the eight years should include Prayuth 's time as the leader of the junta he installed after toppling the Pheu Thai government. ALSO READ: Suspended Thai PM Prayuth says to continue as defense minister. According to some of his supporters, the eight years should be counted after 2017, when a new constitution took effect, or even from 2019 when an election is held and a new parliament chooses him to lead a coalition government. The tenure ...
Updated: 09/30/2022
Solomon Islands security deal sparks concern among US
... concerns among some Pacific Island countries. The prime minister and foreign minister Fiame Naomi Mata'afa stressed that it is important to maintain peace in the Pacific region, saying when countries start talking about a region in terms of national defense, it means militarization of the region. We don't want to encourage this in any way. The Biden administration should listen to the Pacific Island countries for a change instead of trying to dictate to them.
Updated: 09/30/2022
US, rUSsia, US, Japan to stage anti-submarine drills
The handout photo taken on November 12, 2017 and provided by the ROK Defense Ministry in Seoul shows USS Nimitz 3 rd left USS Nimiz 3 rD left operators with ROK's destroyer King Sejong front operating with Rok's destroyer John Sejong side This handout photo taken on November 12, 2017 and provided by the ROK Defense ...
Updated: 09/30/2022
US lawmakers demand continued Ukraine aid
... administration says is not the most effective way to hold Russia accountable. Blumenthal and Graham 's bill was one of several attempts to boost Ukraine that was recently introduced in Congress . Some proposals could become law as part of the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA , a massive bill that sets policy for the Pentagon expected to pass by the end of the year. On Thursday, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen and Republican Pat Toomey filed an amendment to the NDAA proposing that the ...
Updated: 09/30/2022
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