China's growth likely to be back on track in second quarter
... up infrastructure construction, spur consumption and stabilize growth are expected to lend solidity to China's economy, and the country's GDP is likely to see positive growth in the second quarter, officials and experts said on Tuesday. The National Development and Reform Commission , the country's top economic regulator, said China will roll out more policy tools in a timely manner to deal with economic challenges. The country has the confidence and capacity to ensure stable, healthy and sustainable ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Hong Kong marks 25th anniversary of return to motherland
... and stability was reflected by the National Security Law for Hong Kong, the improvement of the electoral system and the implementation of patriots administering Hong Kong. Alice Cheung Chiu Hoi-yue, the director of home affairs, said Hong Kong has developed in leaps and bounds since the handover in 1997, which can be traced back to the support of the central government and the concerted efforts of all sectors in society. The launch ceremony was attended by business leaders, business leaders, and ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
China-Africa Innovation Cooperation Center established in Beijing
... nations in China and Chinese companies, including Asia-Africa Silk Road International Business Co. The zone's administrative committee said that it is poised to become an important channel through which Chinese and African entrepreneurs can set up and develop business more efficiently. The committee said it would strengthen cooperation with African countries and improve the business environment and services, with the aim of facilitating cooperation between China and Africa in areas such as trade, investment, science and technology, environmental protection, culture, tourism and talent cultivation....
Updated: 06/29/2022
Final votes in Chile’s new constitution
... older must vote to approve or reject it in a nationwide plebiscite on September 4th. Both camps are expected to be hard-fought and divisive. After a year of tense negotiations and occasionally bitter infighting, the 388 article draft shifts Chile's development decisively away from the neoliberal consensus of the current constitution drafted without democratic input by a team of dictator General Augusto Pinochet 's confidants. The new draft, by contrast, makes the state responsible for the provision ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Three Credit Trading Traders Leaving Standard Chartered
... by Federal Reserve policy tightening. China's junk dollar-bond market fell for a ninth month in May, the longest losing streak on record, as new stress broke out among the nation s property firms. China Evergrande Group, once the country's biggest developer, was labeled a defaulter for the first time in December after it missed payments on several bonds. Others, including Sunac China Holdings Ltd. and Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. , followed. The financial institutions and trading desks have been ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
BOJ will keep tight monetary policy despite global inflation
... changes, such as geopolitical risks and digitalisation, on the global economy. In any case, the mandate of central banks will be the same. He said that the policy transmission channel could change with uncertainties to make sure that prices for economic development are stabilise with our monetary policies.
Updated: 06/29/2022
Rescuers track down koala after mother was mauled to death
... management strategy was a must. Ms Irwin said that an increasing number of the animals ended up in hospital, while koala populations were diminishing. Increased habitat is going to give us options instead of returning injured koalas to areas that might be developed with golf courses, schools, and housing to give them a chance to live more in the wild, Ms Irwin said. Ms Irwin said the wildlife hospital had treated more than 10,000 koalas with chlamydia, the species' biggest threat. She said that having ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
As debt crisis rages, Asia investors look to smaller pockets
As a debt crisis in the Chinese property developers, old playbooks have to be rewritten, Asian junk bond investors are looking to smaller pockets of the market. As a debt crisis in the Chinese property developers, old playbooks have to be rewritten, Asian junk bond investors are looking to ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
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