Biden admits he is divided over how to respond to Russian aggression
... about whether Russia can be separated from SWIFT, the international payments system. There is a technical dispute regarding the legality and effectiveness of the action, and voices do not always go one way. Katarina Barley , a vice-president of the European Parliament and a member of Germany 's Social Democrats, is a supporter. The EU wants to avoid a row because of the fact that it does not want to meet formally to discuss sanctions in advance. The risks of fracture extend beyond individual punishments ...
Updated: 01/20/2022
European governments take billions into measures to stem soaring energy prices
... on energy bills. Bulgaria has frozen electricity and heating prices until the end of March to protect households. The Czech Parliament's lower chamber approved a bill easing social benefits connected to housing, which should help those hardest hit by ... ... to protect consumers from higher costs, and they are largely responsible for their national energy policies. In October, the European Commission released a toolbox of measures EU members can use without breaching competition rules, including subsidies ...
Updated: 01/20/2022
Coronavirus | U.K. ends mandatory face masks in England
... UK was the first nation in the world to administer a vaccine, and one of the fastest in Europe to roll it out. Johnson, the European Medicines Agency , said Johnson that we made the big call to pursue our own vaccine procurement. We made the tough decision ... ... COVID 19 cases in the UK and his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings accusations that the British prime minister lied to the parliament that a drinks party held in the Downing Street garden during the first lock-in was work related. A total of 52,133,...
Updated: 01/19/2022
Dutch minister says COVID vaccine could be available by April
... the Omicron variant of COVID 19 could be available in the Netherlands by the end of April, according to Dutch health minister Ernst Kuipers in a letter to the parliament. In his letter, Kuipers responded to a question by the Democrats 66 Member of Parliament Jan Paternotte about whether pharmaceutical companies Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna are working on an Omicron-adapted vaccine. Both companies are working on an adaptation, Kuipers wrote. The approval of a modified vaccine by the European Medicines Agency EMA takes at least 100 days. The Dutch government has agreed with the pharmaceutical companies that they must make every effort to adapt their vaccines to the situation if current vaccines don't provide sufficient protection ...
Updated: 01/19/2022
EU lawmakers want public feedback on green investment rules
... ASEM Foreign Ministers meeting in Hamburg on May 29, 2007. BRUSSELS, Jan 19, Reuters - Lawmakers have urged the European Union to allow the public to give feedback on its planned green investment rules for gas and nuclear energy, and to allow the European Parliament to weigh in on the divisive proposal, in a letter seen by the European Parliament . The European Commission is trying to finalize rules to define climate-friendly investments, and on New Year's Eve sent EU countries a draft plan to label ...
Updated: 01/19/2022
Macron warns of "most tragic thing of war" if EU opens Russia talks
... identities of each country, but still fight against the barbaric acts of nationalism. Ahead of the first round of the French presidential election in April, Macron's political opponents tried to use his appearance to criticise his record, including on the European parliament benches. Yannick Jadot , the Green MEP and presidential candidate, told Macron he had sacrificed Europe 's ambitions on the climate crisis. You will go down in history as the president of climate inaction. Jordan Bardella , an MEP from Marine ...
Updated: 01/19/2022
China says Slovenian leader plays Taiwan card to cover his resume
... fake news. He has a lot of anti-immigrant remarks. Jansa was convicted of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison in 2013. He triggered accusations in October 2021 for promoting conspiracy theories in an attempt to discredit the leader of a European Parliament delegation in Slovenia to look into the status of its rule of law, press freedom and fight against corruption. In Europe, and facing corruption allegations, Jansa is playing the Taiwan card to cover his troubled resume, at the cost of dragging ...
Updated: 01/19/2022
France calls for new cooperation with Africa
... 19 ANI Sputnik Europe should work on a new plan of cooperation with African nations to resolve pressing issues of mutual concern, such as migration, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday. Macron said during his opening speech at the European Parliament plenary session that the destinies of the two sides of the Mediterranean are linked, and we cannot properly discuss the subject of migration without understanding its root causes and reminding about the common fate with the African continent....
Updated: 01/19/2022
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