Art Laffer warns Democrats reconciliation bill will increase inflation, hurt economy
Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer warned on Monday that the Democrats neutrality bill will increase inflation and hurt the economy. He criticized the bill as pro-inflation and anti-economy.... ... we had Build Back Better. The economist said that the bill, which will hurt the economy, will increase inflation, and it is going to slow down growth, but it is less bad than it would have been with Build Back Better. Laffer said that we need tax cuts ...
Updated: 08/01/2022
Biden's inflation bill will raise taxes on most Americans under $400K
... was not immediately clear how much each provision of the bill would lead to higher taxes. The JCT incorporated more than 20 of the legislation's provisions into its analysis. Mike Palicz , a federal affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform, told FOX Business that Democrats are trying to pivot this as only a tax on the wealthy. If you take a corporate minimum tax that's going to lower workers' wages, it's going to cost jobs. He said there is a $25 billion crude oil tax in this bill. That's something that's going to hit everyone. It is a regressive tax increase on poor people that raises their energy costs and increases ...
Updated: 08/01/2022
West Virginia Treasurer slams banks for refusing to back coal
... Treasurer Riley Moore criticized financial firms for refusing to back coal companies on Fox News Channel's Fox NewsChannel's Fox Food Monday, defending his efforts against... ... grant them new banking contracts. He said they have outright prohibitions on lending to the fossil fuel industry, putting emphasis on thermal coal. Thermal coal is important... ... coal power, which could be used to heat and cool homes and power vehicles. If they're going to continue to boycott us, then we're not going to do business with them. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs walked back their alleged fault...
Updated: 08/01/2022
Biden may announce $50,000 in Student loan forgiveness
President Biden is taking his time to reveal whether he will issue a seventh extension of the pandemic-era pause on student loan payments that expires at the end of the month, causing speculation that a bigger announcement involving student ... ..., have pushed back hard by Republicans. Student loan forgiveness is regressive and writes off the debts of rich kids who are going to be fine, Sen. Ben Sasse , R-Neb. It is a gut punch for every kid who paid their way through college or worked hard to ...
Updated: 08/01/2022
Conservative groups slam Biden admin for misleading Americans about GDP
The conservative groups are slamming President Biden ... ... before the advance estimate of the country's GDP on July 28 that it is not an indication that the country ... ..., executive director of Consumers Research, told Fox News Digital that the country is in the middle ... ... there over the next three months, and that we're going to see that over the next three months. Other ... ... which also includes a high number of job losses and business closures. That is not what we are seeing right ...
Updated: 08/01/2022
S&P 500 and Nasdaq top gainer in July, but here's why
... by 6.8% on an annual basis, a new 40 year high. If you strip out volatile food and energy, the rise was 4.8%, as reported by the Commerce Department . ACUTELY FOCUSED I can't understand a stock market going up as there is a growth slowdown and probably a recession and that Fed statement on Wednesday was about as hawkish as any could expect. Larry Lindsey, a former National Economic Council director, told FOX Business Larry Kudlow that they had never heard a hawkish Fed and declining economy was good for stocks. It came within a spitting ...
Updated: 07/31/2022
Tim Tebow to open his first Clean Juice franchise in Florida
... a national ambassador. Clean Juice also made contributions to the Tim Tebow Foundation Tim Tebow Foundation through the Quarters ... ... former Florida quarterback and Clean Juice CEO Landon Eckles told FOX Business they met each other a little over two years ago. Eckles ... ... super excited about. I love it because of the country where I go, I get a chance to stop in and have a great product. The way ... ... encouraging to me. It is important to see the impact it has made on so many people. Clean Juice was launched in 2016 as the first ...
Updated: 07/31/2022
Ice cream trucks, ghost kitchens battle for sales
... corporate events and even open houses over time. Mandler says he has become very active on social media, which is essential for today's customers and has even rebranded his... ... Mandler says they often partner with other food trucks when seeking out events to go to. It hasn't been easy. Ryan Miller , owner of Betsy's Ice Cream in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, told FOX Business he purchased an old Good Humor truck when the epidemic first hit to offset the loss of foot traffic in his store. Miller said...
Updated: 07/30/2022
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