How Donald Trump changed social media stocks during his presidency
... social media platform stocks did during his time in office and since his departure and suspension from the platform. What Happened: Prior to becoming President of the United States, Trump was widely followed on social media platforms including Twitter Inc TWTR and Facebook , a platform owned by Meta Platforms META . During his time as president, Trump was one of the most followed accounts on Twitter , and the platform was often used to share thoughts and criticisms of people and countries, while also highlighting ...
Updated: 09/17/2022
U.S. appeals court upholds Texas law banning Big Tech
... passed by the state's Republican-led legislature and signed by its Republican governor. The tech groups that are on the losing end of Friday's ruling include NetChoice and the Computer Communications Industry Association, which include Meta Platform's Facebook , Twitter and Alphabet Inc's YouTube. The social media companies have tried to preserve their rights to regulate user content when they believe it may lead to violence. They have concerns that unregulated platforms will enable extremists such as Nazi supporters, terrorists ...
Updated: 09/16/2022
Facebook's market value falls below $400 billion for the first time since 2020
Facebook was a member of the exclusive $1 trillion club a year ago, but it has fallen a long way since. Facebook was a member of the exclusive $1 trillion club a year ago, but it has fallen a long way since. The company, now called Meta Platforms Inc. META, saw its market value fall below $400 billion Friday for the first time since Jan. 7, 2019, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Meta 's valuation is 63.5% lower than its Sept. 7, 2021, peak of $1.078 trillion. The Meta meltdown: This chart ...
Updated: 09/16/2022
Oversight Board says Facebook should not have removed Taliban post
Meta Platforms Inc.s independent Oversight Board said on Thursday that Facebook should not have taken down a newspaper report about the Taliban that it considered positive, backing users' freedom of expression and saying that the tech company relied too heavily on automated moderation. Meta Platforms Inc.'s independent ...
Updated: 09/15/2022
Meta Platforms Inc. releases trailer for short film based on NBA star Giannis
... on the story of National Basketball Association player Giannis Antetokounmpo. The mobile messaging platform Meta Platforms Inc. META has shared a trailer for a short film based on the story of National Basketball Association player Giannis Antetokounmpo ... ... Video, YouTube and WhatsApp 's own social media channels on Sep. 21st, according to Variety . How can I buy Meta Formerly Facebook Shares? Why It Matters: Antetokounmpo , known as Greek Freak , led the Milwaukee Bucks to the NBA Finals title in ...
Updated: 09/15/2022
Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman replaced as CEO
... users want to be lifted up and not torn down in a world where toxicity is driving so much of the internet, where you can unplug where you go when you want to be lifted up and not torn down? Pinterest already has that. On the same day, executives from Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc., TWTR, Alphabet Inc., GOOG, GOOGL, YouTube and TikTok faced grandstanding, adversarial senators in a committee hearing. Pinterest executives decided Wednesday to pivot from their previous talking point to take advantage of the problems that platforms ...
Updated: 09/15/2022
Tokyo Game Show kicks off in virtual reality space
... of the event, Sega Corp. and other entertainment companies showed off their state-of-the-art game products. Visitors were particularly interested in the virtual reality headset developed by U.S. tech giant Meta Platforms Inc. , formerly known as Facebook Inc. , which had a trial booth. A Meta representative told the Mainichi Shimbun that the best way to understand the product's qualities is for people to actually use it. There are 605 exhibitors this year, including 293 companies from 37 countries and ...
Updated: 09/15/2022
Virtual reality developer worried about competition with Meta Platforms
... programs into its app store, according to the Washington Post. Some virtual reality developers complained about Meta Platforms Inc META of their strict requirements and high bar to get programs into its app store, according to the Washington Post. Some ... ... about Meta 's ability to collect data on the most popular apps in its app store and then release its own competing programs. Facebook, as Facebook dominated social media partly by buying up-and-coming rivals, seems to be repeating that strategy in VR ...
Updated: 09/14/2022
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