Biden administration to release $45 billion to ensure Internet by end of the decade
... eligible entities must submit a letter of intent and a planning funds budget, which will unlock $5 million in planning funds. The average payment would be closer to $800 million, with additional funding determinations based on the coverage maps from the Federal Communications Commission FCC . The programs would build internet infrastructure, teach digital skills, and provide the necessary technology to Americans, according to the department. The need for high-speed Internet is a little bit like what my grandfather talked about: ...
Updated: 05/13/2022
Afrobeat singer charged with running stock fraud schemes
... was arrested in London in August 2021 and is facing extradition to New York to face charges that were unveiled on Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn. He had previously been hit with civil charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016. Prosecutors said Mustapha was publicly described as living a lavish lifestyle, driving expensive cars and ... ... about Mustapha's musical career, he studied at the University of Bradford in Yorkshire where he got a degree in information communication technology. Mustapha is accused of phishing scams to break into people's email to determine the passwords to their ...
Updated: 05/11/2022
3 things to watch this week at the intersection of geopolitics and business
... ACP, which allows more than 48 million American families - or 40% of households - to receive high-speed internet plans at $30 per month, was announced by the administration on Monday. Twenty companies that have helped the plan and are working with the Federal Communications Commission, including AT&T T Comcast CMCSA and Verizon VZ The ACP would provide coverage in 80% of the country geographically. It's part of the $65 billion worth of funding for the program that was part of the Build Back Better Infrastructure plan, as ...
Updated: 05/09/2022
U.S. FTC reviewing Musk’s Twitter deal
... for comment, while the FTC declined to make a statement. A person familiar with the deal told Bloomberg News that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC is reviewing Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk's Musk 's $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc . Musk could not ... ... should be stopped from giving an already powerful man direct control over one of the world's most important platforms for public communication and debate. It also cited Musk 's ownership of Starlink , the company's satellite communications company. The ...
Updated: 05/06/2022
FTC looking at Musk’s Twitter deal, set up deadline for antitrust review
... American democracy and free speech. OMI Director Barry Lynn said in a statement that the deal poses a number of immediate and direct threats to American democracy and free speech. Open Markets believes the deal is in violation of existing law, and that the Federal Communications Commission FCC, the Department of Justice DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission FTC have ample authority to block it. Musk wants to change Twitter by easing free speech restrictions, stoking outrage among the left and easing free speech restrictions....
Updated: 05/05/2022
FTC orders Frontier to back up speed claims
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said in a proposed order on Thursday that Frontier Communications must back up its speed claims, accusing the company of charging high-speed prices for slow service. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said in a proposed order on Thursday that Frontier Communications must back up its speed claims, accusing ...
Updated: 05/05/2022
Jim Jordan demands answers from FTC chief over Elon Musk's Twitter purchase
... purchase of Twitter. The day after Twitter's board of directors agreed to sell Twitter to Elon Musk , the Open Markets Institute OMI, an extreme leftist political advocacy organization, called on Biden regulators at the Federal Trade Commission FTC the Federal Communications Commission FCC and the Justice Department to block the purchase. Jordan, R-Ohio, wrote in a letter sent to Khan on Wednesday and obtained by FOX Business. Jordan said that OMI - where you were previously employed as Legal Director - may be trying to ...
Updated: 05/04/2022
Archana Gulati, former Indian govt official, is new public policy head at Alphabet
... Modi 's federal government. Gulati is a long-term Indian government employee who has worked as a joint secretary for digital communications at Modi 's federal think tank, Niti Aayog , a body that is critical to government's policy making across sectors until March 2021. She worked as a senior official in India's antitrust body, the Competition Commission of India, between 2014 and 2016 according to her LinkedIn profile. A Google India spokesman confirmed the development ...
Updated: 05/04/2022
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