Qantas to announce record-breaking order for new direct flights
... five years have been touted by Qantas , but it has delayed its Project Sunrise due to the coronaviruses epidemic. The deal is a breakthrough for veteran Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce , who has described nonstop Sydney-London flights as the Holy Grail for the 101 year-old carrier. In 1947, the Australian airline launched the route with Lockheed Constellations when it took several stops and 58 hours of flight. The expansion comes days after Boeing Co has delayed the development of its 777 X jetliner,...
Updated: 05/01/2022
Power REIT announces Q4 financial and operating results
... rights offering, which was completed in February 2021. The Trust reported a quarterly FFO per share of $0.35 during the fourth quarter of 2021. The Trust recorded two one-time write-offs for the termination of leases with Cloud Nine LLC and The Grail Project LLC during the fourth quarter. Straight-line rent for the Michigan property starting in Q 4, 2021 was omitted from straight line rent and created a one-time write-off to adjust for the straight line that was recorded during the third quarter ...
Updated: 04/01/2022
A classic baseball card worth $72,000 sold for $72K
... to be precise, card 312 in the set that year. It was cut in such a way so that there is a sliver of card 311 to the left - otherwise known as Mickey Mantle's first Topps card. The Robinson is prized on its own, but the Mantle is considered the holy grail of post-war baseball cards. One in mint condition sold for $5.2 million in early 2021. Add it up, and the miscut card, which has a condition grade of 1 -- the lowest on a 1 -- 10 scale, is a valuable error. Vincent Zurzolo , chief operating officer ...
Updated: 03/31/2022
Larva Labs secret treasure hunt solved with a jersey
... ETH . The private keys were enshrined inside a digital artwork. Badr narrated the experience on Twitter. According to him, it started when Proof , an artist collective, dropped 20 artworks by 20 anonymous artists. One of the pieces in the drop, the Grail 11, turned out to have been made by Larva Labs . Grail 11 was a mathematically generated art that became the most valuable in the collection. On March 5, a Proof Discord user called Iceman noticed the unusual pattern at the top of Grail 11 and ...
Updated: 03/15/2022
Facebook employees are now known as Metamates, Mark Zuckerberg says
In the last year, Facebook Inc. re-christened itself as Meta Platforms Inc. in pursuit of the metaverse Holy Grail. Xi Jinping on Tuesday, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg told employees, who have been known as Facebookers, that they will now be known as Metamates. In the last year, Facebook Inc. re-christened itself as Meta Platforms Inc. in pursuit of the ...
Updated: 02/15/2022
Pennsylvania Lottery: rare whiskey from Van Winkle will be available for sale this month
... Lotteries can be found on the secondary market for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board said that the popularity of these products for some whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts, the Van Winkle products are their Holy Grail. We expect to receive tens of thousands of entries for each product in the lottery. To enter your name in the Limited-Release Lottery, you can enter your information online at
Updated: 01/28/2022
Air India finally leaves government control to fly back to Tata Group
... will be more relevant as India is a cost-sensitive market and all airlines strive to keep costs in check. The deal would have long-term ramifications for the country's plans to privatise other public sector enterprises. PSEs Air India was the Holy Grail of public sector privatisation. The sentiment in the government was : If we can successfully privatise Air India , we can sell anything.'' A leading merchant banker said it was up to them to leverage it now that it's done.
Updated: 01/27/2022
U.S. scientists take a significant step toward fusion energy
... ventures are pursuing a fusion energy future, with some oil companies even investing. Annie Kritcher of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , lead designer for experiments conducted in 2020 and 2021 at the National Ignition Facility , is the holy grail of clean limitless energy, and is the first author of a companion paper published in the journal Nature Physics. In these experiments, Fusion produced about 10 times as much energy as it went into heating the fuel, but less than 10% of the total ...
Updated: 01/27/2022
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