Coronavirus | Pfizer's COVID - 19 vaccine highly effective: study
... the coronavirus disease COVID - 19 is seen as medical staff are vaccinated at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan , Israel December 19, 2020. JERUSALEM, Oct 21 Reuters... ... to 21 after the second dose. Israel 's Clalit Health Maintenance Organisation and Harvard University researchers reviewed data from 94,354 vaccine recipients aged 12... ... causing concern among some scientists that vaccines are being rolled out too slowly in schools.
Updated: 10/21/2021
Chinese authorities use predictive policing and medical surveillance to monitor Uyghurs
Authorities in the Chinese region of Xinjiang are using predictive policing and medical surveillance to gather micro clues about Uyghurs and empower neighbour informants ... ... also revealed the identities of officials, including two former visiting fellows from Harvard University and organisations that make up the political architecture of the... ... anti- China rumour-maker It claimed its re-education centres were vocational training schools operating as part of its anti-terrorism efforts no different from the distance...
Updated: 10/19/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic is going longer than many would hope
... pandemic is ending any time soon. Even though COVID cases and hospitalizations have decreased over the past month, one doctor doesn t think the pandemic is ending any time soon. The tricky thing is that we all expected variants, Professor Ali Raja, of Harvard Medical School , wrote in the Yahoo Finance Live video above, but there was really no way to predict something as transmissible as the Delta variant has been found to be. And unfortunately, the pandemic is something that won t come to a quick or hard and fast ...
Updated: 10/18/2021
Afghan war cost $2. 31 trillion to pay for veterans' benefits
... this week. That figure does not include future expenditures including lifetime care for U.S. veterans or future interest payments on borrowed money to fund the war. The long-term cost of providing veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with medical care and disability benefits could be as high as $2.5 trillion, according to an estimate by Linda Bilmes , a professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School . But unless the U.S. changes its method of paying for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , the interest payments on existing war debt may top $8 trillion by 2050, the analysis shows. What is also the human toll of the war in Afghanistan : 800,000 ...
Updated: 08/26/2021
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